I am now a card carrying member of the Cenla Herb Society


Well, actually I didn’t get a card but I got a binder, cookbook, t-shirt and TONS of handouts and info and won a door prize! I won a Curry Tree!  Not too shabby for my first meeting.  I went with my friend Beth and got to her house this morning in time to see (and envy) her herb garden.  SO cute with a bench and raised beds and all sorts of cool plants.

Hearing all about other peoples gardens and herb beds made me even more excited to get my greenhouse and get it set up!

So what about this new blog??? Isn’t it just adorable?  Jessica really outdid herself. And what a smooth transition!  I will be in the process (read: as I have time) to check and move all links and info.  You might have noticed a tab “RECIPES” – eventually I will ALL the recipes listed there…won’t that be cool?  So lots of changes coming.  GOOD changes.

Don’t forget Monday is a big day around here.  TWO giveaways! So check back in!

Have a great weekend…or what’s left of it! One more thing…if this photo doesn’t make you smile, there is something seriously wrong with you!


(Uncle Mo & Julius…awwwwww 🙂 )

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Wow, I love your new look! Just fabulous! And you are in my blogroll now under “Mostly About Food” so I’ll be keeping up with your posts.

Waiting for the Rockies game to end and PC to come back to the hotel so we can go out, and thought to check how things were going with the new site. It’s a winner! is what I think. As are you. xxea


Did Mo and Julius get to enter back into the promised land? LOL
They are so cute!
I think I may try to grow some herbs this winter indoors, mainly basil. We love fresh pesto and fresh cut basil on pasta.
Your site is adorable.

Nope, they have not been allowed back in. But Ben and I talk about it every day. We are already worried about them for Winter and it’s 90 out today. Rachel nixes it every time we discuss it. But since she has gone to work and not going to bake for people, I cannot see the harm. But I am sure she and Husband could give me about 500 reasons. Which is not to say the first cool snap he won’t say “Aren’t you going to let the cats in? It’s suppose to get pretty cold.” I have photographic evidence that he certainly doesn’t dislike them too much. When he was recovering from his elbow surgery, they never left his side. I think they knew he needed a little TLC and I have seen him let them eat with him so, when he protests too much I just let it slide!

Thanks everyone for the compliments!

L.O.V.E. the new blog! Jessica, you rock. 🙂 The kitties are super cute. I have six more here if you’d like them. 😉


Love this new site. Jessica, I am impressed!

aww the cats are really cute. so happy for you on your new blog..looking good girlfriend!