Moving on up, Part 2

Hi everybody! This is Jessica, Susan’s oldest daughter, again.

If you are seeing this, apparently I managed not to mess up the move to new hosting (with a new design!) completely . For the most part this should be a painless process for everyone but a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • Because we moved her to independant hosting, will no longer be used. So if you are using that address for any links, bookmarks, or feeds those will have to be updated. However, if you are using, since apparently the domain has had time to repropagate, you should be fine.
  • If you have any problems or see any bugs, quirks, or something looking wonky, please let us know.

I think that’s it, if you have any other questions or concerns, you can find Mom’s email address in the sidebar or feel free to test out the comments for us. 🙂

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Great new look! I suspect the post text should fall within the yellow ric-rac? It is spilling over some what on the right as I am viewing it on my MacBook. ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic

I believe Safari 4.0.2 is the latest version for OSX, correct? I got my hands on a screenshot of the site in Safari 4 and didn’t see the overlap you were referring to. :/

Is it possible that you have some kind of text zooming on?

julie von


No zooming – using Firefox 3.0.13.

Hey Kelly, I’m using Firefox 3.0.13 too so I think it’s yer Mac.

Great look!!! Love it mucho!

Kelly – I don’t seem to be able to reproduce the problem. Does everything else seem to be in its rightful place?

Everything looks great!

I am loving the new look! Very retro and everything seems to be working fine for me on firefox! xxoo

Susan, This looks great… and it still has that warm, cozy feel of home that you are known for!!! Great job by your daughter…. Look forward to seeing my link being on this new format…. much love… Victoria in Houston

I am working on the this afternoon/evening Victoria…I will get it done! Thanks for the kind words.

Susan, Will you be opening your web shop again soon? With the holidays coming I know Santa Claus will want to stock up on your products!!!

And me too! Love… Victoria in Houston


Love the new look and home, it’s perfect and you did a good job Jessica!