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Breakfast Fit For a King

And I don’t mean the Burger King.  Is there a creepier mascot?  I don’t think so.

This is something that came to me this morning, looking thru cooking blogs and cookbooks and trying to get inspired for the upcoming Friday Baking with NotQuiteJuneCleaver recipes.


This was pretty easy.  A couple of things I would have changed…maybe.  Like adding a slice of tomato somewhere in the stack.  The layers are dry toast, Canadian bacon (fried just till warm), a fried egg with a slice of bacon divided, (I think I would have put the tomato under the egg) and a sauce made with 1/2 stick butter, browned and 1/2 cup heavy cream cooked with a slice of bacon crumbled and then 1/2 cup Baby Edam grated, added and whisked until smooth.  Fresh Brussel Sprouts grated on top with salt and pepper to taste.  Very good.

Tonight’s menu includes sea scallops…and what else? Not a clue. Yet.  I need to make some sort of bread to go with, but again not feeling terribly inspired.  Suggestions?

I will have recipes up in the morning. YES! Friday is almost here.  Where did this week go?



It’s been a rough 4 1/2 days!  Husband finally ate something last night.  I am pretty sure this is the longest he’s ever been ill from food poisoning or any other tummy ailment. When I talked to him Thusday afternoon after he just arrived in Atlatnta from Paris, he said his tummy was rumbly.  He thought the meal he had on the flight wasn’t “quite right”.  Understatement.  He had most of the symptoms of Campylobacter jejuni and/or Staphylococcus aureus.  Sans the fever.  Of course the fact that he only let me feel his forehead and not take his temperature, makes that questionable.  But apparently he is going to be fine.  We had stir fry for supper and it went down and stayed down fine and I made BLT’s for breakfast and so far so good.  I think from now on though, he may forego any meat products on his flights.  A little bread and butter will usually tide you over especially if you bring some sort of snack with you on the plane.

Thanks for all the responses to the Friday Baking issues.  I will continue on and sounds like Autumn will bring more participants.  That would be great!  Look for new recipes this Friday.  Play along if you can,  or jump in later – it’s all for fun, new recipes and a little price at the end of each month.

Have a good day and here’s a photo for your viewing pleasure:



Friday Baking – Day Late, Dollar Short as the Old Saying Goes…

My dear husband came home with food poisoning, so it has been an interesting time around here since Thursday night.  I am taking a week off from Friday Baking with NotQuiteJuneCleaver and will pick things up next week!  Sorry, for any incovenience but just couldn’t get it all together. Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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