Small Town Living

Three posts in one day?  WHAT!?  Yep, I feel compelled to share a little something with you. It might not be very interesting but I just have to say it.

For 20 or more years I have begged my husband to move me from this place.  Not this place as in my house – I love my little Rose Cottage with its oddly appealing green siding, on a dead end dirt road in a state that lacks much of what I find valuable.  I have begged him to move to New England. Weatherwise, it is fine here except for the 6 1/2 months of Summer heat.  And the lack of any real semblance of Autumn.   But my home state falls short on many “statistics” charts…as in health, welfare of citizens, crime, education, taxes out the wazoo, roads are terrible, corruption in politics…I could go on and on.  It is always on the wrong end of things.  Sadly. But, it is still home.

This morning I am looking on facebook and I am a fan of Chelsea Green publishing and there it was another wonderful accolade to Vermont. My heart did a little flip flop at the thought of  my big plans of not living here on my 50th birthday…to have moved on to bigger and better places.  But it was not meant to be.  All of that is to say just last night I was reminded again why I live here, why I have not left, and why I probably never will.

My oldest son called me pretty frantic about 6:30 p.m.  As he pulled into his parking place at home, one of his front tires said “PFLUNK”.  Not good.  So I say “Okay, calm yourself, I will make a couple of calls and call you back.”  I got my phone book, while silently ( or not quite silently) lamenting the fact that nothing and I mean NOTHING ever breaks unless my husband is 6000 miles from home.  I look up the wrecker guy’s home phone, call him get his wife who says “He’s gone to Leesville but when he gets back we will go over and pick it up.” I didnt mention my oldest lives 30 miles east of here.  Thanks I say and then call the mechanic we use, to say we were bringing him the car.  No answer.  Okay.  I call his son in law who says ” He’s at a Knights of Columbus meeting, but we are going coonhunting later and I will tell him you are dropping it off.”  Thanks again.  Then this morning I call the mechanic and ask him how he likes finding a car he might not have known would be there.  He assured me it was fine and he was on it.  He would likely have it fixed tomorrow or the next day.  So today I am taking my oldest one of our vehicles for him to use until his is fixed.  When his car is fixed the mechanic will call me, I will pick it up knowing we got the best deal and the best service, like we always have.

Now how this would have played out elsewhere is beyond me.   Maybe everywhere people are just this helpful.  Just this available.  But you know what.  At my age, I don’t think I want to take the chance.

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I know the feeling. My dad passed away just over a year ago, and left my mother to take care of a huge house and acres of yard in Pennsylvania…where it snows…a lot. My brother lives nearby her, but he’s busy with his own live, and I’m thousands of miles away in Arizona. She comes out to stay with me frequently (she loves the South west), and I keep asking why she doesn’t just downsize and move here.

It would be so much easier for her to live a a part of the country that doesn’t require such outdoor maintenance. I finally realized why she can’t move here after witnessing the years of small town support she has built in, that we could never replace in the big city. She has the neighbor who owns a garage who picks up and delivers her car when it needs work, she has a handy man that cleans her gutters and checks on the roof, she has friends that stop by to see if there is anything they can do. All the type of work I can’t get done at my home when I’m willing to pay someone to do it.

So for now, I’m glad she can take care of herself, and as much as I live my big city living, I love knowing she’s well taken care of by her small town. Enjoy where you are – and travel. It’s the best of both worlds.


Know exactly what you mean! I think your mechanic is my dear mechanic too. What would we do without people like him and his sweet family? Don’t think we would have such helpful, kind, honest people if we lived anywhere but here.

small towns are like that..if you can’t get hold of someone right away, usually someone else knows where that person is or can get you fixed up real quick.:0) seems the smaller towns still have more of a sense of community and of helping one’s it should be.:0) glad you were able to get the vehicle fixed.:0)


Well I come up on this site via flickr. I read this story and actually got a little teary. I’m and New England boy that lives in the Pacific Northwest and all me wife’s family is from up here. I’d love to move back to Vermont, N.H. or ME. but the good wife thinks it too cold. That’s fine since methinks what drives the desire to move back there is more “grass is greener on t’other side” syndrome than homesickness. Plus there’s this network of people that constitute the support system you call our attention to. Thanks for the reminder ;~}

I am from NY and have moved a little bit farther north in the Adirondacks, it’s got a population of about 30,000 which is far smaller than I’m used to, it doesn’t sound as small as the town you write about but people are friendlier here.