The Fascination Continues…


As I wait to see Julie and Julia, I have not only read the book, I just started listening to My Life in France as I do my daily walk.  This morning when I should be getting the rest of Ben’s school things together, I sat to read email and somehow, thinking about the anniversary of her death August 13, 2004, I got sidetracked looking at things about the late, great, Julia Child.  If you will click here you will be taken to her kitchen at the Smithsonian.  The website is just a treasure of information about  her.  But I think the sweetest thing I found was this patch:


It was designed by her husband Paul Child for her and two French friends who in 1952 opened a cooking school in Paris  in her kitchen.  Years later she pinned the patch to her blouse before every taping of her TV show.  I just can’t encourage you enough to visit the website.  I would love to go to DC and visit the exhibit.  What an adventure Julia’s life was – from spy to chef!

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We went to see the movie yesterday. While perhaps a bit of a ‘chick flick’ my husband enjoyed it too I think. The jumping back and forth in time between the two story lines didn’t bother me as much as I thought after reading the reviews. Then you can go and read Julie’s blog for her comments. Fun!