A Little Apron Love

If you are following things around here you know Melanie from Valeroni won August’s Friday Baking Giveaway…Congrats again!  I just thought I would give you all a little looksee at the goodies that are in the mail to her. septgiveaway Isn’t the fabric just so Autumnish?  I know! Cute! I made her an apron from one of my very favorite patterns and tucked a hand-knitted wash rag made by my daughter Jessica and a copy of Apronisms by EllynAnne Geisel.  I think she will like the contents of her little parcel.  Well today is our first day of school so I better get busy.  We are still fighting off what I hope is just an end of Summer cold around here and not something more.  Husband started feeling peekid the last day of our little anniversary trip.  Rachel and Benjamin had already been sick for a couple of days when we left – sinus, coughing, just general ill-feeling.  It was on Thursday that Husband began to feel pretty rough.  He is still not a lot better, just not worse.  I, too, was under the weather Saturday and yesterday.  I think I feel some better this morning.  Has to be viral or we wouldn’t all be puny.

Have a great week everyone. TTFN

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Susan Here is a great recipe for getting better with colds sinus, or flu.
Run a hot bath, add 2 cups apple cider vinegar and soak in this for at least 30 minutes.

The apple cider vinegar pulls out toxins, kills bacteria and reduces fever.

This old fashioned remedy works like a charm… let me know how you are doing.

Victoria in Houston

Thanks! I will give it a try!


Just love that fabric!! What a lovely parcel that will be for Melanie. We have that end of summer virus here at our house too, my eleven-year-old came down with it over the weekend. Here’s praying that both of our bunches feel better soon!!


Hope you are feeling better soon! I am going to try that tip from Victoria myself as we all struggle with allergies and such here and it has been a very bad year for me in this area.

hope you all are feeling much better now. the apron fabric is cute.