Fall is in the air!

Even around here!  When I stepped outside to feed the cats at 4 a.m., it was almost chilly!  Almost!  I LOVE IT!

We have a busy day today – getting ready for a little anniversary trip.  Tomorrow is our 32nd wedding anniversary!  I can’t believe it has been 32 years.  Time has flown by. We rented a cabin at the lake for tonight and tomorrow night.  We will be home by noon Friday – but don’t worry I have recipes ready for Friday Baking! This weekend will be spent sewing, visiting with family, eating and enjoying one last weekend before we start back to school.  Homeschool that is.  We always start the first Monday of September and were happy it fell on the 7th this year.  Our lives seem so busy these last few months, getting back on a school schedule will be very welcome.

See you all around these parts Friday!

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julie von Blomberg


Happy Anniversary Susan! I hope you have a lovely time away!

Happy Anniversary!
32 years – What a blessing!


Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary!!

(it was chilly this morning as well)

Congrats on the anniversary!

I also am very excited for the autumn. I love when it gets chillier and I can start wearing sweaters and scarves and all sorts of layers… 🙂

Happy Anniversary!


Happy Anniversary, Susan!
Hoping your school year goes well.

Susan and hubby, happy anniversary to you both… may the next 32 years be awesome for the both of you.

Victoria in Houston