got pie crust?

Here is a really cool way to use them or use up pie crust scraps!  Before we go any further, I didn’t think of these. I am simply not that brilliant.  I found them here, and she found them here. I mean come on, aren’t they just adorable?  I can see them filled with all sorts of things.  Even savory things.  I didn’t put mine on sticks.  I thought I would shake things up a bit.  So I just make them bite-sized and filled them with pureed peach pie filling.  I didn’t get my pie filling quite sweet enough for my taste this first time, but next time I will pay closer attention to that and might even sprinkle with sanding sugar after the egg wash.  I was just so excited to get them made, I committed the chef’s unpardonable sin.  I didn’t taste as I went!  The very thing that makes me scream at the TV when watching Top Chef. TASTE IT BEFORE YOU SERVE IT YOU MORON! Or something similar.  And frankly many times, much worse!


I mean that next to the last picture is just a pile of cuteness. You can get the recipe from either link. I used a boxed pie crust because it needs to be more tough than tender for this.  And the boxed pie crusts are not really too terribly bad.  I just baked them at 375 for 14 minutes and burnt my tongue on the first one!

Sometime I might make them on sticks but I am not really a pop kinda gal.  That’s Rachel’s department.  She has made some of the cutest and most delicious cake pops.  And it all began (for us anyway) at the amazing blog: Bakerella.

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Well aren’t you a doll! I love you little blog here and all your recipes and tips are totally fun! I am looking forward to looking at your little aprons when they are ready – that is on my Christmas Wish List 😉 God Bless and I’ll check back – Toodles, The Lady