Happy Birthday Jessica!

To: Jessica

I know, it was yesterday.  And I tossed this post around for two days trying to decide whether to post it or not.  I couldn’t even save it as a draft because you are able to see it then.  You don’t put that many pictures up on your blog so I didn’t want to overstep a grown child’s privacy and Jess, you by far are my most private child,  but I can’t help it.  I guess you can always take it down if you don’t like it! 😉 Here it is my photo tribute to a very special daughter. My oldest daughter who has been my friend as long as my child.  We have what I consider one of the best relationships of my life.  I tried very hard to let my kids grow up and leave the nest and me not “get in their business” once they have.  Jessica has made this easy because she has always been “grown”.  How would I have raised the others without you?








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How did you find 7 pictures where she wasn’t screaming?

Let’s be nice, your birthday is in just a few short weeks 😉

Happy birthday, Jessica! Susan, you have the loveliest daughters. 🙂

Happy Birthday Jessica! Susan, your girls are so very pretty and sweet looking..something tells me they take after their mama:0) you did good girl! Every right to be proud of them by the looks of it.:0)

Blessings and good wishes Jessica… you have your mom’s beautiful eyes and big, wonderful smile!

Victoria in Houston