Happy Fall Y’all! And orange you glad I didn’t say banana…

As of yesterday it is officially Autumn.  Though it really hasn’t cooled off here, I am assured by the forecast that it will be soon.  The overnight lows seem to be inching down and I suppose that is a good sign. This morning it is just incredibly humid. So humid I had to dry my hands after going to the mailbox to put a letter out!  I am longing for cool crisp mornings and nippy nights!

I have been rather tied up the last few days.  My “ordeal” started Thursday night when I ridiculously attempted to eat an orange. I wound up in the ER. I suppose  it wasn’t full-on anaphylaxis but, if it wasn’t, I’m good with not ever experiencing full-on, k?  If you have been reading my blog very long, you know I attempt to kill myself with fruit ever so often.  Last time was cantaloupe. You can imagine how annoying this is for a foodie.  But back to my ordeal.  It really didn’t end with the orange. I was comatose most of Friday from extraordinary amounts of antihistamines so when I came to on Saturday we went bowling with my oldest son and  little grandson, Sam.  A good time was had by all.  At some point, we drove through Dominos and got pizza.  Well, yeah, I know tomatoes are on my “list” but I have eaten them without incident many times.  I suppose though with my system already cranked up, it was a bad idea.  I always wanted lips like Angelina Jolie.  Let me just say her head must be much bigger than mine because it ended up not being such a good look for me. Not only were they amazingly pouty, but completely raw.

On Friday I had already called my allergist and made an appointment for yesterday believing I would not be tested because I had practically overdosed on antihistamines during the weekend.  But when I arrived yesterday and Dr. W was informed of my very exciting last few days, he decided it would behoove us to do a little histamine test and if it was good, go ahead with some scratch tests.  The histamine control site said GOOD TO GO, so there we went.  He did 75 foods, half on one forearm, half on the other.  There were 21 items I need to avoid completely.  Some of them I am rather miffed about like citrus and melons of all kinds, mushrooms, white potatoes and my beloved green peas.  And of course the horrible soy (is in almost everything), cottonseed (is in everything that doesn’t have soy), sunflower seed and nuts of all varieties except pecan…and for that I am thankful – I do like pecans.  My reactions had changed considerably since 2007 and not for the good.  I added some things to avoid and my reactions were worse to some of the things I already knew not to consume.  There were 16 things I can have in moderation though not in conjunction with other disallowed foods.  And 28 I can eat till I puke.  Some of which I love, others…ho hum. I mean really I could live without plums.  I don’t know that I have ever eaten more than 2 in my entire life.

So here we go again with the whole food thing.  I think what it all boils down to, as Hannah pointed out, I am not supposed to eat processed foods.  This is not a bad thing, just amazingly inconvenient.  It will be best for me in the long run.  But dang it…no potato chips.  Not that I ate them often but, never???  It seems you never out grow the fact that if you are told you CAN’T have something, that is the very thing you want.  And badly.  And I hate that it is such an inconvenience for the rest of the family.

On to something fun.  Here is a sneak peek at the apron that is in the mail TODAY along with the LOVELY book The Farm Chicks in the Kitchen to lucky chick, Nicole.

FarmChickApron3 copy

Y’all have a good one and I will see you soon.

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Wow. My biggest nightmare is food allergies. I’m so sorry you have them. That is torture to a foodie. Do they have any therapies that help?

Tami Broadway

This situation is not funny AT ALL…but I sure would have like to have seen a picture of your Angelina Jolie impersonation! 🙂

Yeah, don’t eat them. I am sorry to say there are no “shots” like for environmental allergies. Thanks…I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

I am telling you it was not attractive and I talked like Mush Mouth on Fat Albert. Heyba Heyba Heyba.

Susan What a crazy mess you have had to go through… hope you and Ben do well and that your life becomes sweet, easy, and fun for you and your family.

Stay well… beautiful lady… the world needs you!

Victoria in Houston

P.S. And please stay away from oranges!

Good night, Susan! I don’t check in for a few days and return to find you’ve nearly done yourself in! Glad the doctor got things sorted out for you, but still a bummer that you now have a huge list of forbidden foods.
Now, don’t do that again, ok? Gee whiz.


So sorry about this! I have heard that some people “grow” out some food allergies. Don’t know if this true–but certainly hope this could be the case for you.

Yeah Victoria…crazy indeed! And no oranges (or other citrus) for me!

Karin- try to keep up girlfriend! There’s no telling what’s next!

Connie – I think honestly, they are getting worse.

But on a happy note…my mammogram results came in the mail today and everything is A-OK there!

oh my gosh…you poor thing. I can’t even imagine. Potatoes?? NO potatoes? I’m still in shock. I just can’t imagine being allergic to so many things. I’m so sorry!

so sorry you have gone through the mill about the food allergies.glad you are feeling better though. the apron is adorable. Congratulations to the winner!

Thankfully I am not aware that I have any food allergies. I cannot imagine being allergic to potatoes. That would be my worse nightmare as they are my favourite vegetable! What a lovely apron. Lucky lady!