The NotQuiteJuneCleaver Apron

Welcome to Thoughtful Thursday. What have you been thinking about lately?  Well, I have had aprons on my mind. Aprons and Pies. Shocking I know. No, the Pie Book is not finished.  Patience. Soon, very soon.

And while I am eagerly awaiting the completion of the Pie Book, I wanted to answer a question that comes up pretty often in emails. Many of you have asked when The NotQuiteJuneCleaver Apron would be available for purchase. You know THE NotQuiteJuneCleaver Apron…the full coverage apron I have been working on. The apron with all the features I want/need in an apron.  Full coverage, check. Generous, deep pocket, check.  Long adjustable ties that cross and won’t slip off your shoulders, check.  Medium weight duck fabric that will actually protect clothing, check.  Dish towel loop, check. Custom orders/sizes available, check.  Adorable, check.

So when already??? Soon…like October 1st soon.  How’s that?  There will be at least three available for purchase through my etsy shoppe on Thursday, October 1st.

Here are a couple of pictures of The NotQuiteJuneCleaver Apron I made for the Apron Fest giveaway.


I have two bolts of fabric coming. These will be my “signature” fabrics. Wanna guess??? Yeah, big surprise! Red check and red ticking. However, since not everyone is obsessed (and for the life of me I cannot understand why not) with checks and ticking,  there will be ready mades of other medium/heavy duck fabrics. All fabrics will be pre-washed/preshrunk. That’s the great thing about duck: it is sturdy and extremely durable yet, will soften with each wash.


The ties/trim will be handmade binding of contrasting fabrics such as stripes, calico, seasonal, even solids…’cause I do like to mix my fabics.  And will be of a lighter weight fabric to make tying easier. Embellishments (buttons, yoyos, patches) available on custom orders. I am also working on making personalization available.

Look girlfriends, The NotQuiteJuneCleaver Apron will be your go-to apron for everyday wear.  Whether you are cleaning, cooking, canning or gardening, this apron will more than meet your needs! And what a cool gift.  I mean what extraordinary homemaker do you know (aren’t we all extraordinary?) who doesn’t need THE apron?  That’s what I thought.  We all do.  And if you buy it for a gift, you might as well order two because you really won’t want to give her away once you see her!  And with the holidays right around the corner you better get your order in!

Alright, that’s about it for today. I will remind you to check my etsy shoppe when the aprons are available.  If you have any questions, just ask!  Oh! And tomorrow is Friday Baking, so check for new recipes in the morning!  Think pumpkin.

Lastly, your Thought for this Thursday:

You can never have too many aprons, or too many memories.

~ from Apronisms by EllynAnne Geisel.

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Susan, Truly awesome aprons…. wow!

Victoria in Houston

I’m so excited to receive my apron! I love red…have it in my kitchen, and already know where I will be putting it. On my pantry door for all the world to see. Well, at least whoever reads my blog and visits me. 🙂
Keep up the great work!

Nicole, I think the print is more of a dark rose than red-hope you still like it. Computer screens arent always real accurate! I tried to pick fabrics that “sorta matched” The Farm Chicks in the Kitchen book. I think it turned out cute. Let me know when your package arrives.

Am totally loving the fabrics Susan!! Can’t wait to see your aprons! xxoo


Ohhh, I love the fabrics….. Your aprons will be gorgeous. Can’t wait to see them.

Oh honey! You and I would get along great. I’ve ALWAYS been obsessed with red checks and red ticking but I’ve always liked blue ticking too……..probably because it works well with red.

I had red checks in my house before the term “retro” became an everyday word.