Always, always jump in with both feet.

As you all know by now I used to own and operate a very successful soapmaking business.  I sold the internet portion and closed the rest (what I thought would be temporarily) when my mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer in May of 2007.  Not knowing how long she would be with us, I certainly didn’t want to be distracted during her illness.  And honestly, it was beginning to be more than I could handle on my own.  And soapmaking is something you have to love to do because frankly, it is a lot of work. After her passing I just didn’t have it in me to stir the soap pot for what has ended up being forever I suppose.  Oh I will still make it for my immediate family when needed but never for a business.  Oh yeah, never say never.  But you know, I have no plans to ever do it again.

What I don’t know is if you know what I did before soap.  My mom, my oldest daughter and I baked for people.  We sort of inherited the business from Husband’s mother when she retired.  We started on a whim, and many times the fun things are started this way.  We wanted to make a little extra money and before long from October to January, our ovens were never turned off.  One year we made something close to 1200 dozen cookies from October to January.  I am not kidding.  that is 14,400 cookies or approximately 4 cookies for each man, woman and child that live in our town.  Whew.

Well, through the years, we have had many a phone call asking if we still bake.  I always had to tell them “not while I am making soap.  If I ever quit making soap maybe, just maybe, we will get back into that.”   Well, here we go again!  Rachel and I are throwing our spatulas into the ring!  Rachel has a natural talent for food art.  There isn’t much else to call it when it turns out so beautiful and tastes so good. I have had to work a little harder to be a good cook/baker.  But we are quite a team.  Just as Jessica and I were “back in the day”.  We would buzz around our little kitchen and practically use telepathy to communicate.  We each had a job to do in order to get the baked goods to the right person and we performed like a well oiled machine.  I am much older now, so we will see how well I hold up!  Rachel is like a circle saw so she should be able to make up whatever I lack.

Without putting out the word or brochure, we have orders for next week.  This is a good sign, don’t you think?  This will be a seasonal thing.  October – January, just like old times.  Maybe an occasional order thru the rest of the year, but this is when people need the help with their baking needs.  They need holiday sweets and food gifts, candy, cookies, pies, cakes…

So, Rachel has designed the brochure we will give people that want to know what we make and I am working on the contents and pricing.  I found some of my mother in law’s notes and order books from back in the 70’s.  SEVENTY CENTS for a dozen cookies???? Well…the price has gone up a bit!  I never thought she charged enough.  She was just so talented.  There wasn’t anything she couldn’t cook.  And her pastry was just to die for.  I have her hand-written recipes – what a treasure.

So this is what is running through my head today.  Plus we have a baby shower to attend and a wedding if time permits. And tomorrow evening we are having company for supper.  Husband is making pulled pork sandwiches and I am supposed to make homemade buns and potato salad.  I better get up and rolling!

And just so you all know, I really am working to get all the recipes up on the recipe page.  Soon…soon.  Oh…and THE PIE BOOK…so close to being finished it makes me giddy!  We will have a proof copy shortly!

To whet your appetite here is a photo (credit goes to Rachel) from NotQuiteJuneCleaver Bakes a Pie!


Have a great weekend!  And stay tuned…Awesome Autumn Apron Giveaway next week!

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best of luck! such a happy occupation, isn’t it? spreading joy love and cookies!


Can I sign up for a delivery of your wonderful baked goods? I am SURE they are all YUMMMMMY! I would probably eat the soap as well!

Thanks Stephanie! And Julie…sure you can. We actually used to mail order!

Oh, well congrats to you. I am sure you will do very well, but it does sound pretty demanding. Once you get back into it, however, it will probably seem less overwhelming. I wish you the best!


Sounds like an exciting adventure forth coming! Is your Hubby willing to share the recipe for the pulled pork?

Sign me up if you need anyone to test some samples or new recipes. 🙂

Wow! Isn’t it funny how life just works out? Congrats and best of luck! What fun to work with your daughter too.


It’s great news to hear that you and Rachel will be back in the baking business! I’m sure I will be ordering some of your delicious goodies. Please send a brochure to me when they’re ready. It was good to see you you girls at Michelle’s shower.

Susan, What a wonderful new adventure for you. As always you inspire us all… to be creative and to not only what we love… but are good at… as well.

Love and pie crust,
Victoria in Houston

What an inspiring post! I wish I could do the same kind of thing… someday, maybe!


I wish you the best. I am sure you will be successful at any thing
you decide to do…..Cindi