International Overalls Day is just around the corner!

I just got a  email from my co-conspirator The Bib Professor giving me an award for being one of the founders of International Overalls Day which we will celebrated the first time on November 20, 2009.  Neils (The Bib Professor) is the real overalls aficionado so please visit his blog and see what its all about! Thank you Neils and thank you Jodi for making the adorable award button.  I will be wearing my oldest and dearest overalls on Friday in celebration of the world’s most comfortable, versatile garment!

overallI am working on posting more pictures of me and my family in our overalls through the years.  Hopefully I will have it up tomorrow.

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If I looked good in overalls, I would join in for sure!! What a fun thing to celebrate.

Oh no! I will be in Philadelphia at a conference…whatever will they think with me in overalls? ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic

Kelly, I’m University professor and going to conferences and cocktail parties in my (cleanest and newest) overalls and they have become my signature !

Leslie Anne

OH, I would love to wear overalls, but I’ve never been able to – my thighs & calves have always been too big! Boo. I think overalls are adorable! Sew a little bit of lace across the bib and along the pockets, and wear your pearls, Kelly! Go for it!

Well, I HOPE you went for it! I just noticed I missed it by a day!