Is it really Thursday already?

Geez…where has this week gone?  I worked all day yesterday on the final draft of the recipe portion on the pie book.  And made two pies and got started on proofing the resources pages and recipe index.  I will finish those tonight and them zip and send! I really will put up recipes tomorrow so look for them!  A quick peek at the greenhouse…


And one of the pies I made yesterday…a VERY BERRY pie – before…

veryberrypieand after:

veryberryLater gators! Remember, recipes in the morning!

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Looks awesome!! Both greenhouse and pie.

Tami Broadway

What an amazing greenhouse! I am excited for you! The pie look delicious. Wish I was there to try it. Been in the shop a lot…learning how to throw on the wheel and cast slip. I’ll try to put some pics up soon on facebook. Talk to you soon.

very nice greenhouse and the pie looks great too.