It has been one of those weeks.

First I want to apologize for what seems like my dropping off the face of the Earth.  I have been dealing with a bit of a family crisis this past week and am really happy I remembered to make this post! When I am at liberty, I will fill you in on some of the events of this past week.  Just know no one is ill or physically hurt. But as a mom to grown children, I can tell you your role never really ends as their protector, confidant or counselor.  And as many of you will understand, when one of your children needs you, things such as blogging are not on your list of things to do.  So with that pitiful excuse for an explanation, I ask you to bear with me.  I have had absolutely no time to choose recipes or pull together a collection of overall pictures that I had hoped to post today.  I have done the things that had to be done.

As you know if you are a regular reader, I don’t put my most personal life out for public consumption.  And certainly wouldn’t share things about other members of my family that wouldn’t be something they shared with people they don’t know.  If you live locally you will know soon enough what’s up.  But this too shall pass and everyone will come out on the other side.  I do wish Husband was home, but daily phone conversations and emails have keep me sane and has made it possible for him to lend his advice and share the burden of watching helplessly as hearts break and lives take unexpected turns.

In amongst all the changes taking place, I have had several baking orders to fill.  So I hope you understand that my days have no more than 24 hours in them, as much as I would like to change that!

I will be drawing for the winner of the Meet My Dear Friend EllynAnne Geisel on Wednesday so please get your name in the jar before 12:01 a.m. Wednesday November 25.  If at all possible I will post pictures of the other items – the vintage linen and vintage apron, later today.

Thank you for your loyalty in coming here regularly and I do sincerely apologize for the slight derailment of what I had hoped would be an amazing week of apron and overall talk.

Happy International Overall Day!  Celebrate by wearing your overalls ~ the world’s most comfortable, versatile garment!

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Tami Broadway

I’m sorry…nothings hurts like when our kids hurt or are in crisis. 🙁 Take care and I’ll talk to you soon.


It sounds like you are a bit overwhelmed Susan. Stop, take a deep breath and as soon as you can find a few spare moments to do something nice for yourself, a bubble bath, a good book, whatever will give you some relaxing time. Saying prayers for you and your family.

Susan One of the things I love and admire about you is you… putting your family first! I support you completely!

Take care and Happy Thanksgiving to you all!
Victoria in Houston

P.S. Wrote you an e-mail about Face Book….

Dear Susan, take care, being a parent is a lifelong task ! I know that ! and I hope you will have some moments where you can take a break and breathe all the way down in your old overalls in between the difficult task of handling family no matter how wonderful family can be ! warm greetings


I feel ya! Sometimes its seems harder to be a mama to an adult than a child! Usually one can solve a child’s problem with a hug and reassurance, but those grown up problems are always more complex. Kinda gotta wait and see how things shake out instead of going in there and fixin it yourself~yes?
I check in everyday to see whats up, but when I don’t see a new post, well, I think-she’s busy, busy, busy.
Hope things work out sooner than later. Take care!!

It sounds like you’ve had quite the stressful week. I hope that your weekend allows you some time to relax & unwind.

I have been there in my life when unexplainable private matters take precedence over everything else, no more explanation is necessary for me. I am saying a prayer for you and your family.

I did wear my overalls today!

God Bless!

Brenda S 'Okie in Colorado'

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family right now. I always enjoy visiting your site, but I totally understand that family is first.

Sorry to hear you’ve been having a rough week Susan. My prayers and thoughts are with you and yours. xxoo


I completely understnd prayers are on the way to you..

Leslie Anne

My prayers to you and yours. Thank you for trusting your readers enough to share that there is a need for them.

hugs to you Susan.

We all understand Susan. Please take all the time you need for yourself and your family!

Here’s hoping your week gets better!


You are so right—when our children hurt, we, as mamas, hurt—no matter what age those kiddos are. I do know this—your children are so blessed to have you for their mother. It’s so true, this will pass and everyone will be o.k.—maybe even better, in the long run.


When our children hurt.. The momma bear comes out in all of us. Hoping this week is better.