Happy Holidays Giveaway!

UPDATE, PLEASE READ: I just got this email from Joan – YAY!

don’t forget I will send the winner a copy of A is for Apron as well ~ joan

Thanks JOAN!!! How generous! The winner is going to be ONE LUCKY CHICK!


As promised! I have to first introduce you to a wonderful apronista I met over at etsy.  I LOVE THAT PLACE! Anywho, her name is Joan and she lives – well not to far from me actually over in Texas.  I found her retro inspired aprons and ordered one – maybe 2 years ago. Look, I am not going to lie to you, Joan has the cleanest, closest, prettiest stitches I have EVER seen.  Where I sew, she is a seamstress!  I have since ordered several aprons from her and I also have a book she is featured in call A is for Apron. We have talked several times over the phone about aprons, family, cooking – you name it, we’ve covered it.  So when I found out Simplicity was putting two of her designs out in pattern form,  I was so excited for her and told her when it was out and for sale I wanted to do a giveaway!  The pattern is ADORABLE.  It’s two styles of aprons with Mother/Daughter sizes, plus potholders, sachets and felt Christmas cookie patterns!

Here is your chance to get this pattern, a apron kit (rick rack included!) with Christmas fabric and a “plate of Christmas Cookies” – all the generosity of Joan!  And I thank her so much for providing a great package for some lucky apron loving reader!


Oh, the vintage bread bowl is NOT included.  That was my granny’s.

You know the drill…leave a comment, consider yourself entered to win.  But with a little twist.  Please share your very favorite holiday “kitchen” memory with us. It can be a favorite dish you cook, or decoration you put up…just something related to our “hearts of our homes” ~ our kitchens.  You have until next Friday December 11  to get your comment posted.  I will not put any names that come in after midnight CST on the 11th. On the 12th, Saturday I will draw the winner!   And if you would like to get an extra chance, take this button, post it on your blog and let me know, and I will add your name a second time.  Fun huh?


So Happy Holidays from me and Momomadeit!  Oh…get over there and look at her etsy shoppe!  Here’s the lnk: Momomadeit!

Good luck everyone!

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Very sweet give away!! I think one of my favorite memories is watching my daughter Annika when she mashed the Thanksgiving potatoes for the first time a few years back, it was like deja-vu. There she stood on a stool using my grandmother’s masher just like I had done in my own mother’s kitchen back when I was a little girl too. I love that she is interested in cooking and always wants to do the “Old fashioned way like when you were a little girl” (I’m so old at 46!!)


I would LOVE to be entered.
One of my favorite kitchen memories was actually this year. My three Little Ones and I all baked pies. They helped with everything from making the crusts to getting the fillings in….even taste tested the home made cream 🙂 What an awesome give away- really sweet.


My favorite Christmas kitchen memory is baking and decorating many dozens of cookies with my mom and brother. We did this every year and I looked forward to it. Now I am doing it with my own kids since my mom is many states away.

PS…I LOVE aprons!

I love that aprons are back in style! One of my favorite little songs is called “Apron Strings” by The Whites. I learned from the bottom of my Grandmother’s and Momma’s apron strings, and so my girls are learning from mine!

For as long as I can remember, every Christmas my mom bakes and makes dozens of cookies and candies. These sweet treats are snacked on for days around Christmas time. Any and all diets are out the window then. It’s hard not to be nibbling on a little something. But, it’s oh so worth it. 🙂

Sign me up again! I added your button to my blog. 🙂


I love momomadeit – she was one of my very first “hearts” on Etsy! One of my favorite kitchen memories is being in my grandma’s kitchen when I was little while she cooked hot dogs in the broiler. They always tasted so good! What I would give to spend time with grandma in her kitchen again – I still miss her so much!

What a neat giveaway! My favorite holiday kitchen memories are from when we used to do Christmas and Thanksgiving at my Grandma and Grandpa’s house. The kitchen would be stuffed full of relatives, windows steamy from all of the hot, good-smelling food piled on the counters, and my Grandpa cursing the turkey that he never seemed to get any better at carving, despite the fact that he did it every year. Sadly, both of my grandparents are gone now, but I still have all my Grandma’s recipes to help keep those great memories feeling closer this time of year. 🙂

Fabulous giveaway Susan. How very generous of you!! My favourite kitchen memories are of baking and decorating a Gingerbread house with my children every year. I no longer do this as they live too far away, but I still love to think back on the happy times we used to have doing this together.


My last favorite memory in the kitchen would be the assembly line we created when we helped my daughter with her homemade Christmas gifts the first year she moved out. Being on her own with her own money, left her little to give. I found the cutest little candy recipe-a mouse-made with a hersey’s kiss, maracino cherry, and almond slices. We made over a 100!! along with other goodies. We packaged them in inexpensive paper tins and they were a hit with everyone she gave to.

tracy bachman

I love to bake and cook with my kids when it cold outside like today is we love to do all kinds of fun things. but of course i always seem to get stuff on me so one day i will buy a cute ApRON like you have to give AWAY cause i do not have one with all the thing i do in the kicthen you would think i had one lol. you always have the most Awesome and great give aways. and I would love to win one of them one day. and YOU are so Awesome to do thing like this For all of us. thank you and I hope you have A Great Holiday and New Year to come. hugs

Erica Ferguson

Awesome give away!! My favorite Holiday tradition is making Parker House rolls with my kids. My oldest child is now 11 and getting to an age where she is pretty good in the kitchen. I love working along side her and look forward to having all my kids crowd in the kitchen.


My favorite Christmas memories are the times when the kiddos and I get in the kitchen and start baking our cookies. This has been a family tradition for us for many years now (they are in their teens). We havnen’t started yet this year, but I am sooooo looking forward to it.

My birthday is the week before Christmas, so my kitchen Christmas memories kind of blend with my birthday. My mom would often make sugar cookie dough, roll it out, and cut out large, 12-14″ cookie trees for me to decorate for my birthday. It was so much fun, I hope to continue the tradition with my own boys, especially now that one of them has a Dec. birthday, too!

maisiesmom at gmail

I posted the button. Thanks for the great giveaways! I hope I win!!!

What a great giveaway! One of my favorite “kitchen” memories is when my best friend’s mom taught us how to make her favorite Christmas cookies, “Melting Moments” … speaking of which, I’d like to dig that recipe out and make it with my girls this year. It was a great recipe because you could cook the cookies right away or you could freeze the unbaked cookies and bake them later when you just need a little Christmas (even in July LOL!)

Okay, I just dug it out to share … enjoy!

Melting Moments

1 cup unsifted flour
1/2 cup unsifted powdered sugar
1/2 cup + 1 heaping Tbsp. cornstarch
1 cup butter, softened
Sugar (colored with food coloring if desired), nuts or shredded coconut

Sift flour, powdered sugar and cornstarch together. Blend in butter until dough is formed. Shape into small balls and roll them in the sugar, nuts or coconut. Bake on ungreased cookie sheets at 300 degrees for 10-15 minutes. After baking, leave on sheet for about 1 minute, then transfer to paper towels. The cookies are very delicate, so handle carefully. Makes about 8 dozen.

If you’d like to freeze the dough for later, roll them into the balls and dip into the coating, then freeze on cookie sheets for several hours until firm, then pack them into containers or freezer bags. Then later, bake the frozen balls as directed (it usually takes just an extra minute or two than if baked fresh).

Cindy Tooley

My favorite Christmas Kitchen memory is that of my grandma making her famous sweet potatoes. She always used the same pyrex dish to make them. My mother has that dish now and she makes the sweet potatoes. I suppose one of these days it will become my job to make the sweet potatoes.

Please enter me. Thanks you!!!

What a fantastic Give Away!!!!

Fav Kitchen Memory – so many to choose from. One is of my now grown daughter learning to make my Grandma’s chocolate drop cookies. 10 years later my daughter’s are still better than mine!

I have a recipe from my great-great grandmother for Southern cream cookies. We’ve made it every year for as long as I can remember. Definitely my favorite Christmas memory.

Amy in CdA

What a wonderful site and a wonderful giveaway! My favorite Christmas ‘kitchen’ memory is making Christmas cookies with my mom. My favorite new memory is making the same cookies with my girls, ages 6 & 8.


Hi, love your blog, my favorite memory in the kitchen is with my mom and I baking christmas cookies, when we were done and cleaned up, then my mom would bring out big and small styrofoams balls and lots of ribbon and pearls and sequince (not sure hot to spell that-sorry) and pins to push the beads in–it was alot of fun–we made some very special ones, its especially rememberable because I was adopted at 4 – and things were so different from where I came from. Have a wonderful Christmas, thankyou for your blog.

Sheila Henline

I’m such a Christmas guppie and I believe my girls inherited this from me. We can’t wait to get into the kitchen to bake our holiday cookies. My youngest …soon to be 13(next week) is our baker. Her cookie for the season is Pecan Tassies. We ALWAYS wear our aprons and I would LOVE to win this giveaway to make us all new holiday aprons! Thank you for your wonderful blog.


My fondest memory as a child was my Mom making date pinwheel cookies and sugar pie in our modest kitchen. Delicious! Mom definitely knew how to cook! Boy how I miss her baking! We’ve tried to emulate her baking but not quite the same. My children and I have had many fond memories also during the years and we still are trying to figure out the sugar pie recipe!

I’ve enjoyed reading everyone else’s memories, so thought I share mine.

Pie making was a mega event on Christmas Eve morning. Mom made all kinds of pies, and pies for everyone! I’d wake early up to the smell of pies already baking in the oven. She would fill the largest mixing bowl to the brim with pumpkin pie filling. It was my job to watch it so that it would not wobble or spin too fast and spill out. In the meantime, she was busy working on other varieties. As soon as the pies were cool enough to handle, it was time to start delivery in the neighborhood. After that, she would load up the car, and off we’d go to far away places. When we returned home, my reward was eating the pie crust scraps she had sprinkled with sugar and baked – still my favorite part.

Mom could “whip” out pies like lightning and they were known for being the prettiest, best tasting pies in town. She didn’t use a recipe or measure anything, and her method of mixing the pie crust wasn’t by any method I’ve ever read about – but her crust was perfect. The only time she used a recipe was when she made divinity candy…. but then, that’s a whole other story……

Thanks, Susan, for doing this fun giveaway! I wish all you gals the best of luck!

Joan (momomadeit)

Lillian Child

My favorite kitchen holiday memory would have to be watching my grandma bake holiday cookies. I was born in the ’50’s, so my grandma was definitely “old school” when it came to baking. She had a grease pot next to the stove where she would collect bacon grease, etc. That grease was used in all of her baking … which sounds really odd, but those cookies were what my favorite holiday memories are made of – they were awesome and neither the cookies nor the memories can ever be duplicated. Thanks so much for the chance at a holiday giveaway!

What a sweet giveaway….please enter me…one of my
favorite memories for Christmas was our candy sacks that my dad always done each year for all of us and all the friends and family that came over during that time…
and making cookies and candies….
May you have a Blessed Holiday Season…
Sweet Blessings…


Fun giveaway! One of my favorite Christmas memories is a Santa apron my mom would always wear on Christmas day; because usually that’s where she spent much of her day!

Anne Marie

My favorite memories are making gingerbread houses with my children when they were little. This was so much fun – frosting, colored sugars and candies everywhere – reminders of our fun lingered for days afterwards!! Lovely giveaway.


Love this giveaway!! I am making wonderful memories with my little ones, just like my Mama did with me and my sisters. I love it when my little girls grab their aprons and a stool and help me make cookies, cakes, pies, etc~especially during the holidays. It just seems a little more special during this time of year when the kitchen is decorated with a Christmas tree and other decorations. Merry Christmas and blessings!!

What a great giveaway! I asked for your cookbook for Xmas!!!
One of my fav memories came from me being very sick during my last pregnancy. It was 2 years ago, I was so sick I couldn’t get up to make Thanksgiving dinner. (I know, not Christmas but still a holiday memory) My husband and oldest son had to take on the big task. I answered questions from the couch. They did a wonderful job, it made me cry. It made me realize that no matter what comes up, my family will do what it takes to make the holiday special.
The little guy came into the world on Xmas Eve, so Christmas dinner was also made by my husband and oldest son. They didn’t ask as many questions, they’re PRO’s…or so they tell me 🙂

I’ve always loved being in the kitchen in the month of December with Christmas carols playing while making goodies. Spritz Christmas tree coo kies,flavored with almond & decorated with sprinkles & a silver dragee on top, make the holiday for us!

I just found your blog today and LOVE it!! This is a great giveaway – love those aprons! My favorite holiday kitchen memory has to be in the recent years – I’ve started a tradition of baking days – both of my sisters and their kids come over and we spend the whole day baking – the kids get to decorate their own batch of cookies and we just have a great time. Very special.


Count me in on this one….would love to sew new aprons for the season. Also added your button to my website…come check it out. Thanks for the wonderful chance…:)

kim at

I absolutely LOVE this giveaway. One of my favorite memories is making gingerbread houses with my niece and nephew. We made a HUGE mess with candy and frosting all over the kitchen but we had such a great time! Thanks for including me!

Oooh….and I just added your button to my blog! Check it out at
Thanks for including me with my second entry! *fingers crossed* 🙂

Sue Cahill

Fantastic giveaway!!!

My favorite kitchen holiday memories involve my mother-in-law teaching me how to make her wonderful sugar cookies, no recipe, just have to remember what goes in each year. They are my favorite Christmas cookie. I made them with my children and now with my grandkids. They are so much a par tof our holiday, I can’t imagine not making them.

Marc Hannah

Would love to win this for my wife who is a cooking enthusiast and enjoys sewing.
I looked forward to Christmas pudding (because it had coins in it!).

I have ordered supplies from Momo but never an apron…I would love to make one myself!!! My favorite kitchen holiday memory is making sugar plum bread with my mom (a sweet bread with candied fruits) oh and her famous cheese ball! Yum…maybe I will make some soon!

Was pursuing net and came across your blog and absolutely love your aprons. It reminds me of cooking in the kitchen with my mom and grandmother as a little girl and the matching aprons my grandmother made me as a child of in which I still have and cherish!

This is a great giveaway site how creative and unique! I would have to say my favorite kitchen holiday memories involve childhood where I would spend the night at my grandmother’s house and spend the evening making the annual “goody boxes” for the family. These boxes were filled with many cookies, candies many handed down recipes dating back to when my grandmother was a child. I have continued the tradition of making all her annual favorites of fudge, date candy, brownies and cookies and passing them out to our friends and neighbors in boxes wrapped with gift paper. This tradition has been ongoing in my family for over 45 yrs. When my grandmother passed away at 95 yrs of age I recreated her gum drop cake from scratch and my mom and uncle were shocked that I knew the recipe for my grandmother never shared it with anybody but me which I did not know until recently and now I’ve been given a gift which will be cherished for many more generations in my family.


Please enter me!
One of my fave Christmas memories is baking cookies and making popcorn balls with my mom. I can still see the snow coming down and the warmth of the kitchen…the smells. What a delight. We would make colored dough instead of using icing. We used red hots and raisins. Man, those cookies were good. I miss those times as my mom passed away when I was a teenager. I hope to share some of these memories with my own son who is now 3 1/2. He gets to help make the cookies this year. I cant wait!

Sharon M.

Oh, please enter my name–lovely giveaway! One of my favorite memories is baking our traditional sugar cookies for Christmas, both my girls (now 29 and 32) standing on little step stools, cutting and decorating. So much fun–I think back to those days all the time–not just at Christmastime! 🙂

Love the cookies!
My favorite Christmas memories is trying the ever difficult task of making perfect Blue Ribbon Fudge from the old Better Crocker. Sometime’s it’s “spoon fudge”, sometimes is crystalizes, but other times it’s just perfect for about 30 mn, lol. Love the memories with my dad, and him teaching me to do the “soft ball stage” trick with a bowl of cold water. Man do we love chocolate. Now that my kids are dairy allergic, this is the only way we enjoy fudge by using our milk alternative. THanks for the trip down memory lane.

opps…I didn’t add the button or website correctly to my blog…I have fixed the error…thank you for emailing me! I look forward to see who the lucky winner is tomorrow. Thanks for giving us great opportunities for winning goodies…Kim


I just got the book A is for Apron and stayed up way too late reading it! This would just be the icing on the cake to receive the pattern and kit! Thanks for a great giveaway! I just came to your blog from the Apronista and I can’t wait to look around.

I just added your button to my blog and my favorite thing to do is bake cookies and other treats with my kids. We just baked and decorated sugar cookies today and it was so much fun!


For the past 20 years we have had a family cookie decorating party. Its fun to look through pictures of the past parties to see how we have all changed yet stayed to close.

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