Mad About Macarons Part Deux

Way back in January of ’08 we tackled French Macarons.  They were successful and we wanted to taste them before we went to France where they are so amazingly popular.  There are shops devoted only to Macarons!  And that idea has made its way across the big pond as well, I hear.  Very cool.  Anywho, here are the Chocolate w/Buttercream filling Macarons I made for a dear friends birthday today.




The middle picture is where I was playing around trying to decide how to package them when I remembered I had mini cupcake carriers and they fit perfectly!  I had to taste of them and they were good…now my tummy hurts but I think it was worth it.  I hate having food allergies.  Hate it.

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They look wonderful…but, sorry about the tummy ache. ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic

They look perfect Susan! I have never made macarons myself. Too chicken I think!! HOpe you feel better soon! xxoo

Susan, Wow! Your baking skills amaze me…. much love… Victoria in Houston

Tummy got better and then I absentmindedly ate potatoes at supper. There we went again! Anywho…thanks for the compliments. Marie – be brave! Victoria – not so much skill as determination!

Hmm. These look tasty! Could you repost your tutorial on them? I went back to your January 08 post, hoping to find them. I guess I could look at The Farmhouse Gourmet another time and see if I can find your post there.
Thanks! Send some my way! 🙂

Stopping by from SITS. I saw the name of your blog, and simply had to drop by, read my way around, and say hi! I positively adore Macarons, but have never made them. They’re lovely. I was so glad to see your recipe above. I’ll have to give them a try!