Please feel free to use my idea and do something similar in your area! And if  you are looking for a charity be sure and read more about Doctors Without Borders.  It is worth your time to go to their website and see the work they are doing not just in Haiti but all over the world. (

Rachel and I have been trying to think of a way to help the people of Haiti even if it is in a small way. We looked at many charities and decided what these people needed most urgently was medical attention.

Then it came to us! DOUGH for HAITI! Dough as in money and Dough as in cookies. Cookies are what we do and do well. Is nice to write a check but if you have to work a little, it seems to make it more real. I hope we never know first hand the sorrow and pain the people of Haiti are feeling right now. They started with so little and have nothing now.  But if the few dollars we can raise, along with our own personal contributions, can buy a few meals or medical supplies then that’s a few meals and medical supplies they didn’t have, but needed.

You can help us by purchasing our Ready-To-Bake Cookie Dough. Proceeds will go to Doctors Without Borders. We will donate the ingredients. You will receive a frozen resealable bag of 24 frozen pieces of  Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough  or Oatmeal Cookie Dough ready to place on a baking sheet and pop in the oven. How convenient is that? All the instructions you need will come with your dough.

Here’s what you do: Send me a private email or call me and place your order. We will take orders from now until February 1st. The cookie dough will be ready for pickup after noon Friday February 12. If you want your dough delivered to your place of work within the town of Many, and you have a freezer available to keep your dough frozen, then we will make arrangements to get your dough to you after February 12. I know a lot of friends of my friends (and family) live in the outlying areas and if there is enough interest we will arrange a drop for Natchitoches and as far as Shreveport. Maybe someone will have freezer room and will volunteer to be the pick up point. And last but not least the cost.

Bag of 24 pieces of frozen Cookie DOUGH ~  $7

Why $7 – I don’t know, I like the number – and it is a fair amount.

Of course if you want to give more, that is great.

18664_1298361909978_1558315783_768857_1773712_nFeel free to steal this button.

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Hope you sell tons….I live too far away…but will donate in another way!

Trina Nash

Butch posted on his Facebook about your “Dough for Haiti”. I just wanted to say, I think you are amazing and Doctors Without Borders is a great way to help. I will be ordering my dough later today to help. Keep doing what you do, you should be very proud of the help you are giving. Thank you…

Mmm I bet you will sell lots!!! Thank you!!!

Susan…. What a good soul you and your daughter are! I live in Houston… so your Dough can’t make the miles.. but our family has donated already to the Red Cross… and we will donate clothing and blankets as soon as we are given the green light to do so.

Blessings always,
Victoria in Houston

I wish I lived closer. 🙂 You are such a hero!

What a great idea! I’ll have to pass this on.

What a terrific idea! And I think Doctors without Borders is an awesome group. I wish I lived closer!

I passed along a award, if your are interested in taking part.

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