First GiveAway of 2010! And find out how to get your recipe published in my next cookbook!

WOW it is somekinda chilly here this morning.  Its a little after 6 a.m. and the mercury says its 22F and it “feels like” 14F.  What does that mean?  Is it 22 or is it 14?  Even the little birdies are trying to stay warm!

n1558315783_140922_5164I will have to check their feeders today.  And put out some warmer water for them.  I am sure there is not a drop of water outside that isn’t frozen.

I hope you can all manage to stay warm today – being inside will likely be your best bet!  While you are in sipping your hot beverage, why not leave me a comment and consider yourself entered in the first GiveAway of 2010!  Yep!  You heard me!  Tell me about your very favorite winter beverage and leave me the recipe if you like.  What’s the prize you ask?  Oh, there is more than one prize!! You can win one of these:


Cool huh?  I have just a couple of copies left of each and I want two of you to have them! I will draw for them next Friday! Feel free to share this on your own blog if you like!

Now, about the other brainstorm I had! How about a Friends of NotQuiteJuneCleaver cookbook! Sound like fun??? Yeah, I thought so too! I will give you more details as I get them finalized.  The title of the book is “Friends of NotQuiteJuneCleaver Cook!” You know you want to join me in this project!  Here are the things I do know for sure:

  • I need you and your help/input/recipes if this is going to happen!
  • each recipe will bear the name of the person submitting it
  • photos of the recipe are welcome – color please! (used at my discretion)
  • photos of you are welcome as well 🙂 how about in your favorite apron?
  • recipes need to be tried and true and double/triple checked for accuracy please
  • you may submit more than one recipe if they are in different categories (example: a cookie, a casserole, a side)
  • contributors will be able to buy as many copies as you wish at cost plus shipping – naturally the more pages, the more it will cost but I will keep it below $20US before shipping (this isn’t a commercial project for me) I will be donating my time putting it together
  • since I have set a $$ limit this means a page limit so as soon as you have all the info, get your recipes/photos/info in!
  • recipes from places other than the US are MORE THAN welcome, but please give US measurements along with your usual measurements.

Does this sound like fun or what!? I will be posting all the particulars on how to submit your recipes, photos, deadlines  etc by next Friday in a separate post from the giveaway post. I would love to have this project ready for your consumption by Mother’s Day 2010.  Can we do this?  Let’s do our best!  I will be working on two other cookbooks along with this one, so your contributions are essential.  If you don’t participate, it won’t happen!

Let’s start 2010 off with some fun!

And why don’t you join us over at the NotQuiteJuneCleaver Forums!

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I’ve entered every giveaway of yours from last year and have yet to win, so maybe this will be my lucky year? Please enter me once again! LOL I’ll put my thinking cap on for a good recipe to submit also!

GOOD LUCK SUE!!! Maybe this will be your lucky giveaway!

Erica Ferguson

My favorite winter drink is Hot Russian Tea. My mom made it for a ladies tea when I was a kid and we got to drink the leftovers. I never really knew the recipe so I just went by what I saw her do and created my own. Using a big stock pot I make up a quart of regular tea and make it real strong. (I use 6 family bags.) I add one of the big cans of 100% orange juice and one can of 100% pineapple juice. Then I add a little frozen lemonade concentrate. I add sugar to sweeten it. I use about 11/2 cups. Then I tie some cinnamon sticks and whole cloves in a bag and throw them in the pot. The whole thing simmers about 30 minutes. My kids love it. I think today I’ll work a bit on my cream cheese fudge recipe for your new adventure.

YUMMM! I need to make Russian Tea! And the fudge recipe: Get on that! Sounds delish!

Sounds like fun! Thanks for doing the giveaway! I think my favorite winter beverage is hot cocoa with peppermint schnapps – a good day for it too, though way too early!

Sign me up! And if for some reason I win, send it to Sue. 🙂 My favorite winter drink is a chai tea, specifically from Burgies in Ames, IA. Delicious! I haven’t found one (or been able to make one for that matter) that compares. Second on the list…cinnamon roll cappiccuno. YUM!

I love the idea of a cookbook. I would definitely submit a cheesecake. And whatever else I could come up with.

Stay warm! And be thankful that you have double digits that are above zero! Our high today….0 degrees. Currently at -4. Wind chill temps down to -20 to -40. CRAZY!

I love the picture of the cardinal, I saw them for the first time in 2008 in a big trip we took across the country- they are striking in color and have a nice little voice too! I drink plain coffee latte, just milk at home. When I get one from a coffee shop I have a little whip cream on it.

Hmmm the only hot beverage I drink that would count is coffee! Nothing like a hot cup of plain old Community coffee on a cold winter’s morning! My kids enjoy “warm” hot chocolate some evenings though.

Lillian Child

It’s -5 here in the heartland with windchills reaching -30 … so my favorite WARM drink is coffee with Baileys irish cream … gets me through mornings like this. I will send you an email with some family recipe pages out of a book I put together for my girls a few years ago. Enjoy!

One of my favorite winter drinks is peppermint steamed milk. We have our own jersey cow, so sipping fresh, hot milk with candy cane is just a delight! Thanks for the chance to win your great cookbook and calendar!

maisiesmom at gmail


Definitely hot tea…peppermint.

Love the picture of the cardinal, by the way. They are my favorite bird and I had a couple families of them visiting my feeders when we lived in Nashville. Now that we live in CA I don’t get to see them anymore. :o(

Fingers crossed- my favorite winter drink to make is mexican hot chocolate (it comes as a disk of chocolate that you cut and melt) using coconut milk to add a bit of sweetness.

Hi Susan! What a neat idea! Love it.
and I’d also like to be entered in the drawing.Thanks so very much.
My favorite winter time drink? yikes..I’ve not really ever thought about it..but I’d probably have to say something simple like a decaf hazelnut coffee with cream and 2 sugars…something that helps to warm the innards with no fluff just the basics..and just good old fashioned hot cocoa done on the stove top.Something fast and simple to warm the hands as you hold the mug but that also has that down home comfort in a cup feel to it.:0)

Drinking Peppermint tea as I type this. Love it! It’s so cold. Maybe this means our gardening season will be better this year. Fingers crossed!


My favorite hot beverage would be hot apple cider made from apple juice from our very own apple trees.


Susan what a great give away!! I just had a cup of black coffee mixed with a little hot chocolate mix stirred with a left over candy cane! YUM!

My favorite drink would have to be a boiling cup of flavored tea. Any flavor will due. Absolutely have to have it for the day to go smoothly!

What a giveaway! For me, it’s hot cocoa hands down. (And not that packaged stuff from the Swiss Miss. Nope.) Cocoa, sugar, a pinch of salt, a little hot water and milk with a snowcap of whipped cream makes me smile.
I cannot wait to read the details of your new adventure and share a recipe or two!
We’re freezing here, too. Time for some of that hot cocoa. 🙂


Not too bad here in NV but when it is cold I love to drink Constant Comment tea. Makes the whole house smell yummy!


My favorite hot drink for the winter is hot cocoa. But instead of using vanilla extract, I like to use almond extract, makes it more chocolate almond and to me is delish (dh prefers the vanilla!)

I would love to be entered in your giveaway!
My favorite hot drink is Mandarin Orange Tea.

My favorite hot drink for winter is Butterfinger Hot Chocolate. It is wonderful, and now that I”m hooked on it I can’t find it anywhere. Bummer!!! Good Luck on your book.

Susan… I am so interested in submitting my recipes for your next cookbook… love to cook… and eat… can’t wait for the details on this… count me in!

My favorite Winter beverage… Hazelnut coffee… with Hazelnut cream… love to smell this perking in my coffee maker on a Winter morn…

Hugs and coffee mugs,
Victoria in Houston

Sounds like a fantastic idea Susan. I would love to have a recipe printed in one of your books! As you know I have quite a few of them to share, but I’ll try to pick my absolute best one! It is bitterly cold here as well. Coldest winter on record in a long time I think! Stay safe and warm where you are! xxoo
PS – My favourite winter warming beverage is hot chocolate of course! Made in our coffee pod machine, with extra frothy milk!

Hi Susan! I’d love to win a prize and the Friends cookbook sounds like so much fun!

I just made up a new winter beverage the other day. (I suspect I may have had a version of it somewhere else.)

In a tall “traveling” Coffee cup (with lid) I put:

2 teaspoons Instant coffee
2 teaspoons instant Hot Chocolate mix
2 packettes of Splenda
3 heaping teaspoons of dry powdered milk

Fill with hot hot (but not boiling) water

It’s my new late afternoon warm me up and pick me up!

Hey, there’s a recipe for you to consider for the new cookbook! Let’s call it Winter Mid-day Warm-Up

Entering the giveaway!!! Can’t wait to hear more details on how to get published in your next cook book! I’m thinking at what I can submit…………

My very favorite winter hot drink is at Starbucks, lol…Peppermint Mocha latte !!! At home, Starbucks Christmas blend coffee with peppermint mocha creamer !!

Thanks for entering me the drawing.



I would love to be entered in the giveaway as well! It was freezing here today! Hubby and I went to the farm show today…first day and it was packed!

Take care!

Sounds like fun. I love hot coco on a nice cold day! Can’t wait to start thinking of recipes for the book!


my favorite is starbucks hot chocolate with whip cream. and add any one of their great pastries and i am in heaven

thanks for the chance to win a great gift!!



The cookbook idea is spectacular, now I have to choose a recipe to submit. Checking and rechecking it for accuracy will surely please my whole family 😉 too. In the meantime, my favorite hot drink on a cold day is a Liquid Caramel Apple: Steamed apple juice with Dulce de Leche (creamy caramel…I don’t make mine, I use a brand from Argentina) stirred in (about 1 teaspoon per 12 oz. juice). Sometimes I like to make a quick whip topping with Meyer Lemon zest for an extra sweet tang. UMMMM! So incredibly warm and yummy and delicious.

Thanks for the giveaway and the entry!



My favorite winter drink is hot chocolate w/Bailey’s. Thanks for sharing your recipes!


Aw shucks! I forgot to add that my favorite winter drink is Hot Chocolate! So sorry!
Recipe: 1/4 C Hershey’s Cocoa, pinch of salt, 1/2 C Sugar, 1/3 C hot water, 1 qt milk, 3/4 tsp vanilla, 3 crushed candycanes, whipped cream

Throw in dry ingredients to a pan, blend in water; bring to a boil–stir continuously. Add milk, stir and heat…do not let it boil. Turn off heat, add vanilla…beat with a beater until foamy. Pour into mugs, add some whipped cream on top and crushed candycane! Will give you about 6 cups!

My favorite winterish drink . . . it’s a close tie, but I’d say Hot Chocolate, with a healthy dose of Raspberry Schnapps, takes the trophy. A nice Chai Latte is the runner-up!


My favorite winter beverage is hot chocolate, and lately I’ve become addicted to Ghirardelli’s Double Chocolate mix made with whole milk and whipped cream on top! Thanks for such a great giveaway!

My favorite winter drink is chai latte. Mmmmm. Too bad that pesky new year’s resolution is getting in my way of drinking some right now! 🙁

Oh, that cardinal! I love watching cardinals in the back yard when I visit my parents. Love your blog–can’t imagine how I hadn’t found it before now!


I am like Sue at the beginning of the comments. I adore your giveaways and am always trying to win! Maybe, this year will be luckier for me.
The warm and inviting hot drink in the winter for me is “White Spiced Coffee.”
Many thanks for all of your thoughtful giveaways!

My favorite drink is Hazelnut coffee with a dollop of homemade whipped cream sprinkled with a dash of cinnamon. Heavenly!

Count me in! On both 🙂

I love the cookbook idea! I found your site on Facebook and I’m a huge fan! Under your fan listings I’m Cynthia Lauren. Your website is so much fun too! My favorite winter drink has to be warm Egg Nog, ( room temp ) lol. I love hot chocolate, but the other night I made a virgin egg nog and thought it was pure heaven sweet! Love it, and don’t forget to add a cinnamon stick, yum! 🙂

can’t wait to hear more details about the “friends of” cookbook idea! I’d love to join in! Thanks, Cynthia

Anne Marie

My favorite hot drink is plain old hot chocolate but made with hersheys syrup. I heat up milk, stir in the hersheys syrun until it is a nice rich color. The best part is adding whipped cream to the surface – yummy and so warming on a cold day. Oh how I would love to win a copy of your book – thanks for the chance.

Oh my gosh -what a gorgeous bird photo! I love those. I don’t think we have those in the northwest. Are you in the south? Beautiful!