NotQuiteJuneCleaver’s Spring Fling Giveaway and SO much more!


Happy Spring!  I promised you a giveaway and here it is!  I will be giving away three lovely prizes! The first prize will be this vintage patchwork apron I grabbed up on one of mine and Rachel’s antiquing excursions.


I love this apron! A lot.  So please know how much I want some who will love it as much to have it! And with the apron you will get this vintage cookbooklet from 1950! It is FULL of great recipes and some amazing ads! You will love it.

Second Prize will be a bag of  my personal blend coffee (beans or ground) and this ADORABLE coffee mug!Q5EVU

And last but not least, a pound of granola (if you have a special request such as no nuts, I will happily oblige) and  a tin of loose chocolate chai tea!

So there you have it!  THREE prizes and now THREE ways to enter!

  1. Leave me a comment on this post. Tell me about Spring’s arrival at your house.
  2. Steal the button below, talk about this giveaway on your blog/facebook,  if you have one and tell me so I can take a peek.
  3. If someone leaves me a comment and says they surfed over here from your blog or facebook page, I will add your name AGAIN.

I will be posting more pictures soon.  Jumping back in with a great giveaway like this feels GOOD!  And will be a great way to introduce you to my new shoppe.

Thanks to all of you have been so faithful and keep stopping by even when I have been MIA.  Talk to you all VERY soon!

Oh okay…I will give you a recipe to round out this post.  This is for those who will, like me, celebrate St. Patrick’s Day next Wednesday.

Bailey’s Fudge Cake

1/2 cup butter softened
1 cup brown sugar
4 large eggs
1 cup chocolate syrup
2/3 cup Baileys Irish Cream
1 teaspoon instant coffee
1 cup flour
1/2 cup chopped pecans
pecan halves

3/4 cup semi-sweet chocolate morsels melted
1/4 cup sour cream room temp.
1 tablespoon Baileys

Preheat oven to 350ºF. Grease a 9″ round cake pan. Cream butter and sugar, blend in eggs. Add chocolate syrup, Baileys, coffee crystals and flour, mixing until well blended. Fold in chopped pecans. Pour into prepared pan.

Bake for 55-60 minutes., until center is firm and a toothpick inserted in center comes out clean. Remove from pan onto wire rack to cool. Dip one end of pecan halves halfway into melted chocolate to coat, place on waxed paper and chill.

To remaining melted chocolate add sour cream and Baileys. Spread over top of cooled cake that has been placed on a serving platter, letting some chocolate drizzle down side of cake. Decorate with dipped pecans. Cool to set topping.

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What a generous, lovely, giveaway!!

It’s Spring at my house when I start putting tiny vases of daffodils around the house and being able to open a window or two. The smell of outside makes me feel good all over….especially after the cold, hard, winter we had this year. Also, the very first day of Spring, I start using one of my favorite pink handbags, that’s officially Spring to me!

I do love the apron! I do! Wonderful giveaway. Well, after a colder than normal winter for us today was in the 70’s! Spring Break is next week so traffic will be crazy around here, and the beach will be beckoning us to come hither. The azaleas, dogwood, and bridal wreath are a little late this year, but I’m looking for them to bloom any day now.

Well where I live I know it’s spring when I get my birds out and have them through out the house with nests and bird house as well as bird baths!

Also, we start to plant flowers and plan meals to eat outside.

I collect vintage aprons so trust me when I say I would be THRILLED if I won that apron and promise to take very good care of it.

I also love all animals so that cat mug would make me very happy!

That granola looks so good and should I win that, lots of nuts please! YUM!


Spring is definitely in the air around here … most of the snow is gone, and the windows can be opened to let in the fresh, brisk air. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if we suddenly got one more snow storm … it’s happened before LOL!

Great giveaways … I’d have a tough time choosing if I had to!

That cake sounds delicious Susan as does the giveaway. The birds are singing sweetly now on these lighter mornings. A sure sign that spring is just around the corner!

Susan, Spring has arrived around Houston when I hear my two dove’s cooing in the front yard…. and I find myself out in the yard’s most of the day… clearing out the debris from Winter, weeding and planting new roses… and herbs.

How I would love to win your give away! Oh my! Count me in….. happy Spring to you and your family!

Much love,
Victoria in Houston


Spring is beginning to show herself here in Northern Illinois!! The sun has poked his head out this morning & the birds are tweeting away. There’s still some remnants of snow in places but hope for the warmer weather is in the air. Here we truly believe spring is coming when we lie in bed in the wee hours and can hear the birds. Last Sunday was the first morning we heard the birds in our trees in a long time :)

Love, love, love that apron!!! I would be one of those no nuts girls (allergies :{)

Thanks for sharing!!

Great giveaways they all look fun and I will be making the cake next week for sure when I make mu corned beef dinner that we look forward to every year! Spring has sprung here and it is strange that it is so early for us. Things should not be blooming yet but it has been a warmer year in Oregon and my grandmothers pheasant eye daffodils are blooming and I love it! I brought some in the house last weekend and I am still enjoying them! I have also posted your button on my blog:)

What a wonderful giveaway and that granola looks so yummy. It is definitely starting to look like spring around here with all the trees blossoming, my favorite are the almond orchards with all their beautiful pink or white blossoms.

Lillian Child

How do you know about my addiction to Bailey’s Irish Cream? I’m making this cake THIS weekend – oh my. And your Enchanted Kitchen mug – I am over the top in love with the whimsy of this cup! I have THREE, count ‘em, THREE adorable furballs at home that call me their favorite human. And your granola looks fab – I’ve been trying to find a really good granola ever since a quint shop in Iowa closed its doors on my favorite blend (huge sigh). Thanks so much for the chance to win ANY of these precious prizes!

Lillian Child

oopps … I was supposed to tell you about spring’s arrival to qualify for this prize drawing – I live in the Heartland – Omaha, Nebraska. We’ve had QUITE the frigid winter this past season that I might not recover from. I even tried to bribed the groundhog in February – but I think it must have been a prairie dog cause we are still waking up to snow in the morning. So in preparation of spring, I have started on my spring cleaning since it’s the only indoor activity I can do that is “spring” related.

Kate in NH

Love this giveaway! Sprinf comes out my house with fresh daisies at my house. and taking down the heavy curtains for just crisp valances. :)


Spring in MN is a very long awaited time! How fortunate we are to have no snow left this year. I can actually see my garden. We might even be able to have tomatoes by Mother’s Day again if this keeps up! I do fancy that apron and the coffee and granola, hmn, sounds like the perfect start to a springy Saturday morning!


You know I’ll be blogging about this, and maybe I’ll finally win one of your adorable aprons! Spring is peeking up all around, but it’s really spring when the garden goes in…can’t wait! Thanks for another sweet giveaway.

As much as I wish it were Spring, there is about 6 inches of snow here in Munich. Unfortunately, the seasons aren’t cooperating this year! Today, however, there wasn’t as much wind, and the sun came out for a few hours, so I guess that counts as foreshadowing. I can’t wait until the flowers and trees start to bud, that is one of my favorite things to watch for!

Susan! What a great way to “re-boot!” The apron is wonderful and I have that stand mixer but no book! Coffee and a delightful mug or granola and tea!! yum!!

Spring is approaching us with rain. Sort of warmish but already a wee bit muggy. We did see this great fire orb in the sky a couple of days ago. Not sure what it was but hopefully it will return.

What a cute giveaway. Spring hasn’t really arrived here yet, but the sun has been shining a lot more. My bedroom faces east and the entire side facing east is window, so often I get woken by the sunshine. I love it (except on the days I want to sleep in). I also enjoy that it is light outside for longer and longer every day.
P.S. Found your giveaway via Jessie from the texpat.

brandy bailey

Spring is slowly coming. I opened the door and heard birds. I was so excited!


I’m gonna have to make that cake for my husband’s birthday just around the corner. So far there have been two clear signs of spring here:
1) lots more tweets from birds outside in the morning- I love hearing that-
2) our first opportunity this week to draw on the sidewalk with chalk & blow bubbles outside (because it was just barely warm enough to go outside in a ballerina outfit which is all my 3 year old will wear these days).

Love the apron & 50’s cookbook. We have an old “joy of cooking” that has been passed down for 3 generations and my great grandmother wrote on a cookie recipe that she hand wrote in the back to heat the cocoa & butter “over the fire.” Love it!

I saw your giveaway at country pleasures. Glad I stopped by. The tulips and crocus are just popping thru the soil. School break has started and the rain is falling softly. Love the apron. But the recipe is a must. I am as well having a giveaway. drop by.

Spring always means spring cleaning for me. Time to sort and toss old clothes and things we don’t use as well. Also time to work in the yard and get the flowerbeds presentable again.

Found my way here from the lovely Texpat.

Spring is in the air here & I LOVE it. The sun has been shining which means more time spent outside. We’ve got some flowers blooming in our yard & now I’m just waiting for the grass to get green again.

ooh what delightful items! fun! fun! you go girl! and yes, I want to join the fun too, so please toss my name in the hat.:0)

I my goodness, I love your blog. I also love aprons. At my house for spring I am painting a rot iron candleabra I got at a thrift store for 50 cents a pretty pastel color (Haven’t decided yet what color). I am then putting beads around the base where the candles go, candles to match and place it on a silver platter with pastel Easter grass around it. I will be posting it on my blog when I am done. Drop in and see it. Thanks.

I don’t own a vintage apron so winning it would be perfect! I absolutely love wearing aprons that I have made but this would be even cooler to own. I love to think about vintage pieces; where they come from, about the person who owned them before me. There’s so much history when you repurpose items; I find it all very fascinating I would be just as happy to win the coffee or your homemade granola too! It’s good to see you back. Good luck with your new shoppe! Come visit me and see what I have to say about ya! Spring at our place…means….some good old fashion spring cleaning. Yesterday, my honey cleaned all the windows; it was an all day affair. But as a reward for spring cleaning, we are going hiking on Thursday! It’s so pretty and green this time of year in Phoenix. I wish I could send you some of our fabulous weather!


Spring means spring cleaning in my house! But that’s a good thing! I really enjoy getting in there and organizing and clearing things out so I have more room for more! Will probaly start today! Happy Saturday! ♥



If by AMAZING you mean CRAZY, then YES you are correct! Did I mention how excited I am about May??!!

I’m so glad it’s almost SpRiNg!!!! Things here in the south are budding out, my spirea and my plum tree has tons of white blooms. I have posted about SpRiNg on my blog. I will add your button to my blog. I would treasure that apron if I win it. And the granola, I love to add it to my yogurt. And I love tea. So see that giveaway just needs to land in my lap.

Thank you so much for hosting such a beautiful giveaway! Lovely Apron! All of the other goodies sound great :) I saw your giveaway at Sue’s Country Pleasures. Spring’s arrival is just barely peaking through :) I have seen Robins (alot this year), Bluebirds which look breathtaking while things are still dull in color, and I heard our Meadowlark. That alone tells me that Spring IS on it’s way! Snow is still melting :) Thanks again!


I also posted about your lovely giveaway on my blog:

Thanks again! Have a beautiful weekend!

I came over after seeing about your giveawy on Sharon D.’s merryheartjournal! I would love to win any of the three goodies you have listed!
Spring arrived here quite awhile ago but it seems that winter is having one last hurrah. After flowering trees have blossomed and crocus, daffodils and hellabors are blooming away, we are getting snow/sleet/hail that covers the ground in white ~ then the sun comes out again! March is a fickle month, indeed!
Thanks for the opportunity to win a lovely prize!


The first signs of spring arrived surprisingly early here, with the rhubarb just starting to peek up about 3 weeks ago. Then we had a weather setback so things are kind of on hold, but the bulbs are up to the point where I know that spring is actually coming, always a comforting thought!! That cake looks fabulous, might have to do some baking…..

Debbie Smith

I am an apron freak and this one is adorable!!
Sent over by Sharon at merry heart journal

Beautiful giveaway! Thank you entering my name. :)

Spring is starting to show here. There is green stuff coming up from the dirt! I can’t believe it! I can’t wait for the wildflowers to start up again. :D


OMGoodness…that apron would look perfect in my kitchen :)
Spring in Northern NJ is oh so slowly arriving…I have daffodils popping up -yay! And I can’t wait till they burst into their sunny bloom.
Smiles, DianeM


lovely apron,

glad to *sort of* have ya back here.

i’m just starting all of my cleaning and hopefully opening all of my windows soon!

Great giveaway. Great apron. I love aprons. I have been busy spring cleaning and getting my pantry in order. I have been cutting branches from flowering trees and making cute arrangements. I love spring. It is a time of renewal and growth. I enjoy getting my garden in order also.

Wow.. I just discovered your blog and I LOVE it. Please enter me in your wonderful giveaway.. I love it all!! This morning was the first this year that I was able to get up and enjoy my coffee on the deck and since we had the time change it was still dark so I was able to listen to the birds sing as they woke up.. it was awesome. Thank you for having such a wonderful site, I am going to devour each page.

Nancy from Mass

Spring is definitely around the corner at my house! (even thought I live in Massachusetts). I started some lettuce inside and it is sprouting, the garden is graphed-out on paper and I have my seeds and soil ready to start the plants indoors that need to be. Finally, I am hinting to hubby that the garden needs to be expanded in order to have room to grow the spaghetti, acorn, hubbard and pumpkin squashes I want to grow!
All of those items would be lovely to win. I wear aprons whenever I cook, I love my coffee and ah, Granola. I fell in love with granola back in the 70’s when I first heard about it. mmmmm.

Sherry Stevens

It is spring at my house when my neighbor’s huge forsythia bush blooms. It makes me want to start gardening rain or shine. I love the apron and and coffee and granola are wonderful too. We used to make granola back before I started a full time job. I am looking forward to starting a blog of my own. I love reading others and get so inspired.

hey gal..I’ve missed our chats but I know that you have been crazy busy,as have I. I wanted to tell you about the “Coffee a Day for a week” giveaway we are hosting over at “Small Town Living” (, also a giveaway of a Primitive Cat Ornament by artist JoEllen Laurita. So let your gals here know if you would.. I’ll also post about your giveaway on my personal blog. I’m so thrilled for you about your granola, coffee mugs, aprons, and coffee and all of the fun things you have going on too.
Oh..about Spring…the drake elm is starting to bud out in my backyard..its the tree right outside my kitchen window, and I adore when it starts to come back with fresh new green growth in the Spring..I love that bright green new foliage look! Oh..and a mockingbird pair have taken up to building a nest in the big Leyland Cypress in the backyard too. It looks to be the same pair that nested there last year..we were forced to raise one of the baby mockingbirds indoors here for a month last year because it fell from the nest and broke its only lived a mointh, but would have died sooner out of doors of course…anyhow comments aren’t supposed to be this long so I’ll close now. LOL love ya gal. ~me


so how do i rate getting the blog on facebook????? oh please get me another shot at this????!!!! oh and by the way- i need some helpwith lotion…….why oh why am I addicted to the soap???

Hey! what about getting what blog on facebook? Email me with your help questions. I always warn people about the soap addiction so don’t blame ME!


Spring is HERE at the potting shed. Buttercups are bloomin, hyacinth’s bloomin, the tulips are soon to follow. Birds are chirpin, and soon we’ll be celebrating Easter because our Redeemer lives! Please add my name to your sweet giveaway but if I should win, I would love for the goodies to go to Sue at Country Pleasures. It would make me happy, and I happen to know she LOVES that apron. ;)


Well, Spring has arrived here too! The hyacinths are in bloom, the daffodils and tulips are showing their greenery. Won’t be long before they are in full bloom.
Your apron is awesome and I just love the Sunbeam mixer booklet. Would love the chance to win it and see what it has inside!
Your granola looks yummy too!

Spring seems to be teasing us here in Ohio. Last week we had sunshine and warmer temperatures and then snow. But it quickly melted and now the pussywillows are blooming and the air smells so sweet!

Sounds like a fun give-away!
Happy Spring!

Hello there – Lovely giveaway and I know I’m going to try that Baileys cake one day soon! Spring is taking it’s sweet time coming in these parts – south west scotland. We still have snowdrops and some crocus but only a faint glimpse of daffodils poking their heads up through cold hard earth so far. Apparently people visiting England’s Lake District to see the host of daffodils that Wordsworth wrote so eloquently about are to be sorely disappointed this year as they are so late due to the very cold (for us) winter. Never mind, spring will come. It always does. Bx

You are a woman after my own heart. Bailey’s cupcakes and icing; Bailey’s Fudge cake! I just found you from a link on I’m glad I checked it out. I look forward to exploring your site.