Time for a few more hints…

about my new project…business…shoppe.  See if you can come up with anything from these photos…

More soon…

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Granola, potpourri, tea and an apron! Am I getting warm??


Are you opening a Tea Room????


Well, in a sense. Virtual tea room/coffee house/confectionery/bakery/aprons both mine creations and vintage/linens/cookbooks both mine and vintage?? Just all sorts of kitchen magic!!! I will make the big announcement soon with where to go to buy some goodies!


Susan, I LOVE that apron!!!

awesome! looks great!


How exciting, I can’t wait~!

Susan. I hope your on-line shop is getting ready to have these items… whatever you are doing…I know I am going to love it…and I support you 100%!!

Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you.

Victoria in Houston


Love that apron!!! I would love a nut free granola!!

Thanks everyone for the encouragement. I am finishing up the giveaway post this morning.

Laura: You got it! Hang tight…I will add it to my list!

It all looks so yummy !!! Apron and all !!

I am excited to see what all you have going. Can’t wait for you to “let us in”.

Keep us posted !


All looks lovely and quite exciting I think! Love the sound of autumn harvest granola and that apron is just so cute. Great to have a new project. I’ll be back to check on just exactly what it is. Bx

that all looks so great! i LOVE the apron! tea is one of my obsessions – what kind is that in the tin? it looks similar to one of my berry black mixes.

You and the fam are moving next door to us so we can be Official Taste Testers?

I can wish, right?

Looking forward….can’t wait…please hurry…:)