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Gooseberry Patch is in the house! WOOT! WOOT! Oh…and I am in theirs :) Plus a Giveaway!

I am the Featured Friday blogger!!


Is that so cool or what?  Seriously, I got a little spazzy when Jen contacted me and asked me if I would be interested?  My response: “Did you seriously just ask me that?!”  And yes, she was serious.  So get yourselves over there and read every word!  While you are there look around…GREAT STUFF I TELL YOU! And then zip back over here and enter to win Gooseberry Patch Farmer’s Market Favorites and my OOAK NotQuiteJuneCleaver Farmers’ Market Apron!


How to enter? Leave me a comment telling me how much you want to win!  And if you blog about this, tweet about this or facebook this, let me know you have done so and you get an extra entry for each place you talk about it!  I will draw the winner Monday May 3rd – your entry must be in by noon CST.  Check Tuesday morning, May 4, for the announcement.


Is this a good look on me or what?

insulation 3

I am thinking I got the short end of the stick. Which would seem easier to do? 1)stand in the attic and direct the hose or 2)feed the insulation blower? When the day was over I had lifted 1500#.  Not kidding. But I lived thru the manual labor and the massive amounts of  Ibuprofen the next day. I had a great helper. Ben is amazing. Just jumps in and does what needs to be done. insulation4 He actually lifted more than I did because he had to unload and stack and then heave some of them up for me toward the end. Never a complaint until we got inside and he said “what did we have for supper last night -’cause that’s the last bite of food I have had and I am HOOONGRY!!” No kidding. You probably know we live in an older home that isn’t on a slab.  So insulating has been long overdue.  And now to reap the benefits via our electric bill!  For the $1000 investment, we should see that returned easily over the next year. So what are all of you up to?  Jerry left for Tunisia yesterday morning, so I am on my on again with the gardening, yard work plus all the projects I am trying to get finished before I leave for vacation on the 12th of May.  Rachel and I are taking a “senior trip” since we are both seniors now.  VERY different kinds of seniors!  I will tell you all about it later.  I just really wanted to pop in, say hi, let you know I have not forgotten I have a blog and apologize for neglecting it!   But I am back at it and will have plenty to share in the next few days.  PLUS I am adding a very interesting feature in June – Product Reviews that will always coincide with a giveaway.  And I know you all love a good giveaway!  As well as a heads up on some new and interesting product.  And even if it isn’t new, new…it will be new to my blog and hopefully you will enjoy participating.


Spring in Pictures

garden7 copy

garden8 copy

garden10 copy


garden30 copy

garden39 copy





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