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A little dose of cuteness this Wednesday morning.

Meet Siobhan.


Remember Siobhan? Well, she’s still been checking in with us occasionally. Day before yesterday she thought she might even like to see what was on the inside of our house. So before we got too attached to her, I whisked her off to the vet. As pitiful and thin as she is I was going to do the humane thing if she was terminal. To my surprise, she was clear of FIV and FeLV. No parasites. But…she was pregnant. Not very far along but two vets concurred, they felt a fluid filled sack. After much discussion with our vet (she is adorable and loves kitties) we decided to go ahead and have her spayed. I know some of the reactions I might get but my vet assured me it was the right thing to do for Siobhan. She was too young to be a mother at maybe 5 months old. I am still not really okay with the decision but it’s done and she was ready to be picked up a little after 3pm. She will get some TLC for a few days until she is well from her surgery and then I suppose she will be good and attached to us and us to her. And then she will likely reside on the porches with Mo and Julius. She has the most beautiful green eyes. Yes, I am a bit smitten with this kitten!

And the picture does not do her eyes justice.  They are a lovely lime green.

She is still very skittish.  I know she wonders what in the world has happened in the last 48 hours.  She just stopped by for a meal and wanted to see if we had anything interesting on the other side of our door.  And whoosh, off to places unknown where people unknown did the unthinkable to her tiny, frail little body.  Then we were kind enough to return and rescue her from what I am sure she thought was the pits of hell, only to lock her in a room that is far too cold for her liking and expecting her to sleep on a soft towel instead of the ground she is used to.  And then there’s the in and out we play, peeking at her, touching her head, speaking to her in some sort of weird voice that we seem only to use when looking at her.  And that awful swooshing sound that huge white water bowl makes every time we start to leave again! I know her old home down by the creek, likely under a fallen tree seems so far away and would look so good to her right now.  But she will be much better off on our porch after she is able to go back outside in a couple of days, where she is safe and knows where her next meal is coming from.  Change is never easy even when you are a kitten.

Just a few days little kitty.  And then we will set you free.  Hopefully you will choose to stick around.  Just think ~ the life of leisure, sunning on the porch, cuddling up with Mo and Julius after you all get to know one another a little better.  Plenty of food and fresh water. And 3-4 humans to wrap around your little paw when you look up at them with those HUGE green eyes.  And no unwarranted intrusions into your very personal space every few months, resulting in yet another litter of kittens that will have to try and fend for themselves.  Even if you choose to head back to the woods, to parts unknown, you will be better off than you would have been.


It’s gonna be a bright, bright, bright sunshiny day…

and likely a scorcher with a high of 97.  You know, I just don’t understand the whole “heat index”/”actual temperature” stuff.  Look, if it feels 107, then it IS 107.  K?  And apparently, it isn’t going to get any better for the next, say 60 days or so and while I will tend to things outside early, early in the day and late, late in the evening, most of my time will be spend indoors.  I started off the weekend cleaning book shelves.  Ridding myself of 10 (more in some cases) of magazines.  One part of me wanted to gather them by year, wrap them in brown paper and store them.  But NO.  NO.  NO.  I am 50 years old (very nearly 51) and there are important worthwhile things I need to do.  Decluttering is at the top of that list.  Some useful things I will be offering up in my etsy shoppe.  I have quite a lovely collection of vintage cookbooks/booklets and I have looked at and read them all and now it is time for them to find new homes.  I will also be looking for places to sell tons (and that might be literal) of gently loved schoolbooks from our 22 years of homeschooling.  Yes, Benjamin is still in “school” but he will be a 9th grader this year so I have absolutely no use for 6th grade math books!

Also, with both Hannah & Rachel going to college in August, the baking business will no longer be something I will pursue.  I have no desire to do it by myself.  It isn’t that much fun!  And it is an awful lot of work.  It has been a good little cottage business that we have moved in and out of over the years.  But I do not care to stand on my feet as many hours a day as that requires especially on top of the baking I am doing preparing the next NQJC cookbook.  So I have found a friend (Hiya Nan) who might be interested in some of my paper products: cake boxes, pie boxes etc.  What she doesn’t want, I will add to my etsy shoppe.

Then there is the haberdashery that is my life!  The dictionary calls a haberdasher: a dealer in sewing notions and small wares. Oh yeah…that would be me.  I deal with them on a daily basis!  But I have accumulated way too many to ever use so they will be making appearances in my etsy shoppe as well.   The balance will find their way onto and into aprons, tea cozies, market bags and other such lovelies that, yes, you guessed it, will be part of my wares over on etsy.  You will all know just as soon as I have my shoppe set up!  I have the banner up and categories named so if you want to take a peek and bookmark it here’s your link:


I mentioned I am working on book 2 of the NotQuiteJuneCleaver cookbooks ~ cakes…YUM.  And I am still trying to get at least one quilt square (hexagon??) done a day.  So maybe a year is a reasonable goal to finish the pieces to the quilt? Maybe?


I will be posting more pictures of finished hexes soon.  It is going to be so pretty.

Okay, my tea cup is empty (yes, I drank a cup of tea instead of a POT of coffee this morning).  Got to get rolling around here.  Still two more areas of my computer cabinet to clean and organize this morning.

Please PLEASE check back often – I have an AMAZING giveaway/interview coming up…the first of at least three that are confirmed – one a month is my goal.  And now I will leave you with this little tidbit that could have actually been writing by me but I borrowed it.  VERY fitting though!

I know a little bit about a lot.  Actually,  just enough to make me dangerous.


I caught a glimpse of my Mojo. She looked a little tattered, but nothing that can’t be fixed :)

I wrote to you all the a little while back that I felt like I had lost my mojo.  I felt overwhelmed and still a bit ill with the sinus thing and just couldn’t seem to accomplish much.  But like I tend to preach to other people: It’s not what happens to you in life, it’s how you handle what happens Since I wrote last,  I learned of the death of my youngest brother, as you likely know if you follow my blog.  I got the call on Sunday, June 13th.  There’s nothing like getting that kind of phone call to really put everything else you have been whining about in perspective.  You would think at my age, I wouldn’t be so prone to self pity when  not accomplishing  things that in the big picture don’t amount to much.  But everyday things quickly fell by the wayside that morning.  In fact I really didn’t know what to do but cry.  It was a call that was not completely unexpected, yet dreaded so badly.  I don’t feel like going into all the nitty gritty of his death this morning.  Maybe someday I will feel like writing it all out.  But just suffice it to say he was too young and it was unnecessary.  I am not so much angry about the loss of someone with so much potential as I am disappointed with how his life ended.  You know that sunken feeling deep inside you that makes you a little queasy when you let it.

His Friday afternoon memorial was befitting.  If a memorial can be that.  I can’t tell you how many people said to me “It’s just what Scott would have wanted.”  And every time I thought “I doubt he wanted it at all.”  My brother was not a religious person in the traditional sense.  So his memorial wasn’t handled by a preacher that wouldn’t have known him anyway.  My other brother, his son and Scott’s friends spoke about him.  And after the memorial two or three dozen people came to my house for gumbo and visiting.   The rest of the weekend was spent getting Jerry ready to head back to Tunisia early Monday morning.  Is it really Wednesday already?  I really do have to get myself together.   I need to pull myself out of the doldrums and take advantage of all the wonderful things that have found their way to me (and in turn, to YOU).  I spoke to you about some giveaways and exciting things I was working on.  Happily, they are all coming together so very nicely!  I will have a lovely giveaway/interview announcement to make very soon…and it will be the beginning of some very VERY exciting bloggery goodness!

And even though I feel like life is handing me more than my share of lemons, things are certainly not unbearable and there is so much good in my life, how can I complain much?  So I am going to look for the good.  Roll with the punches.  Work on my projects.  Share my life with you, warts and all.  And hopefully make it worth your while to come here and read my twaddle.  And I can always make us some lemonade!


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