A little dose of cuteness this Wednesday morning.

Meet Siobhan.


Remember Siobhan? Well, she’s still been checking in with us occasionally. Day before yesterday she thought she might even like to see what was on the inside of our house. So before we got too attached to her, I whisked her off to the vet. As pitiful and thin as she is I was going to do the humane thing if she was terminal. To my surprise, she was clear of FIV and FeLV. No parasites. But…she was pregnant. Not very far along but two vets concurred, they felt a fluid filled sack. After much discussion with our vet (she is adorable and loves kitties) we decided to go ahead and have her spayed. I know some of the reactions I might get but my vet assured me it was the right thing to do for Siobhan. She was too young to be a mother at maybe 5 months old. I am still not really okay with the decision but it’s done and she was ready to be picked up a little after 3pm. She will get some TLC for a few days until she is well from her surgery and then I suppose she will be good and attached to us and us to her. And then she will likely reside on the porches with Mo and Julius. She has the most beautiful green eyes. Yes, I am a bit smitten with this kitten!

And the picture does not do her eyes justice.  They are a lovely lime green.

She is still very skittish.  I know she wonders what in the world has happened in the last 48 hours.  She just stopped by for a meal and wanted to see if we had anything interesting on the other side of our door.  And whoosh, off to places unknown where people unknown did the unthinkable to her tiny, frail little body.  Then we were kind enough to return and rescue her from what I am sure she thought was the pits of hell, only to lock her in a room that is far too cold for her liking and expecting her to sleep on a soft towel instead of the ground she is used to.  And then there’s the in and out we play, peeking at her, touching her head, speaking to her in some sort of weird voice that we seem only to use when looking at her.  And that awful swooshing sound that huge white water bowl makes every time we start to leave again! I know her old home down by the creek, likely under a fallen tree seems so far away and would look so good to her right now.  But she will be much better off on our porch after she is able to go back outside in a couple of days, where she is safe and knows where her next meal is coming from.  Change is never easy even when you are a kitten.

Just a few days little kitty.  And then we will set you free.  Hopefully you will choose to stick around.  Just think ~ the life of leisure, sunning on the porch, cuddling up with Mo and Julius after you all get to know one another a little better.  Plenty of food and fresh water. And 3-4 humans to wrap around your little paw when you look up at them with those HUGE green eyes.  And no unwarranted intrusions into your very personal space every few months, resulting in yet another litter of kittens that will have to try and fend for themselves.  Even if you choose to head back to the woods, to parts unknown, you will be better off than you would have been.

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So sweet….if only all the strays had someone so kind and caring to come to their rescue. You and my daughter have so much in common in this area….only thing is she keeps all of the ones she rescues….they are now spoiled house cats! Oh btw…she lives in BelleChasse LA. 🙂

Such a heart felt blog Susan… you did the right thing for this little kitten… females take care of females…whether paw or feet!

Hugs…Victoria in Houston

you have a big heart. I do too. We have 6 inside cats and then this white cat came to stay outside. We feed him and pet him and call him Gringo. Then a scrawny female-brown stripe comes and we feed her. She gets pregnant and now we have 4 really cute kittens about 8 – 9 weeks old that we can’t touch but have decided to stay so that makes 6 outside that we feed. Are we nuts? I just can’t stand to think they might starve or be abused.

Robin in VA


I love your new baby, she is just precious!

I too, feed a whole gang (4) of “needed a home kitties”, I trap them, get them fixed, bring them home and then they live a very lazy life on our back porch. I wish I could bring them in, but we’ve tried that before, not a good thing. They like the outside and INSIST that is where they will live, hehe.

I have 3 kitties inside too, 2 rescues and 1 American Bobtail, he is our newest addition.

I enjoy reading your blog, especially your kitty blogs.


Hi, this is my first time commenting, but I love your blog. 🙂 Your little Siobhan is adorable! You are such a good person for doing that! I’m a vet tech and I just love when people bring in cats that are hanging around their homes to be fixed. We just had a feral cat spay/neuter day on Wed. and it felt so good to know they won’t be having babies and we gave them some love for the day. 🙂 Congrats on your new addition. I’m sure she will love you very soon!

What a very special and loving story!!!
I am almost sure, Siobhan will decide to stay with you or at least come over to visit again many many times. I am touched by how you let her find her own freedom in a way she wants it.
Thank you for sharing this!