Houston, here we come.

Hannah has been in Canada for 9 days enjoying the company of her Canadians, as she calls them. HER Canadians.  And from all accounts has had a blast.  Her plane lands at IAH this evening at 5-something and Jerry and I are headed over to gather her and her belongings and tales she will be telling.  But before going to the airport we are going to make the rounds.  IKEA (Jerry’s never been), Whole Foods, Central Market and if I can pull it off, Anthropologie. We never miss a chance to go to a grocery store.  How old are we again??? OH YEAH…I have a birthday coming up…SOON! Do you think I ought to do a “Happy Birthday to Me (and you) Giveaway”?  Yeah, me too.  I have a little something in mind.  I will keep you posted.  51.  Man, that used to sound SO old!  Anywho, gotta get rolling this morning but before I go a few photos for you…(l-r, t-b) the last of the tomatoes; a little etsy love; figs from Nan (YUM); fat, happy Siobhan.


Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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Happy Wednesday Susan! Those tomatoes look fabulous, as do the figs and the basket, and that cat looks perfectly content! Hope your dear daughter arrives safe and sound. I, too, am facing a birthday . . . Number 55 for me. Suddenly 51 doesn’t sound so bad after all eh!! xxoo

Hey Susan! Finally getting around to stopping by your blog. I’m very much behind on my personal blog, but still keeping STLiving going. Here’s wishing you a Happy Birthday. I’ll be facing a birthday in September. 42. It’s just a number.:0)
Hope all is going well with you. Drop me a line when you have a chance. Miss hearing from you.