Is it really not Saturday?

’cause it seems like Saturday.  First thing to mess up my internal calendar is Jerry coming home two days late.  He has been in Malta for a month (pretty huh?) and had to stop off in Tunis for some sort of meeting before heading home on Friday.


So…there you go.  So this SHOULD be Saturday.  And of all things, he came home to well issues.  NO water for most of two days.  Not fun.  Funky, yes.  But as usual,  he’s got ‘er fixed.  At least we think he does.  Good news: the tropical storm petered out.  As Benjamin pointed out, if it kept coming, kept building, it would have likely been an Oil-icane.  No kidding.

You people will simply NOT BELIEVE the interviews/giveaways that are coming up.  Seriously, you are going to just freak out. I am freaking out thinking about them!  This fall is going to be fun!

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Now I am all excited!

What a beautiful photo.

I’m back off my Canadian Holiday Susan and quite happy to be home again. Love that beautiful picture! Glad the storm didn’t hit you like it was supposed to! What a blessing! Love and hugs! xxoo

So glad the Oilicane fizzled. Last thing y’all need – evah!

I have heard all about Malta from my college room mate. She teaches a seminar there every year. Rough job huh?

Glad you have your Hubby home!

Lookin forward to all the excitement to come.