NotQuiteJuneCleaver’s July Interview & Giveaway!

Comments and Contest Closed!  I will announce the winner later today!  Thanks to everyone who participated.  Good luck to each of you.  And I hope you found and purchased everything you wanted/needed at the FatQuarterShop!  Remember the coupon code is good thru the 23rd of July.   Check back this evening for the winner’s name!

You all know how much I love aprons and fabric and sewing and such!  A LOT.  A WHOLE LOT!  Well, one of  my favorite online shops is the Fat Quarter Shop.  I have purchased my fabric for my Grandma’s Flower Garden quilt project from Kim.  LOVELY fabric, even LOVELIER service!  And super fast too!

Now meet Kim, the owner and VERY VERY generous provider of July’s FANTABULOUS GRAND PRIZE!


Take a look at this!

I know, AMAZING, right? How very generous!  Yes that’s FIVE apron patterns plus the Riley Blake book Eye Candy with quilt and apron patterns. And guess what!! I am adding an apron to the prize! WOOT WOOT! Made from fabric I bought from Kim! Sweet huh?

Someone is going to be one lucky duck! You know how to enter, surely.  But in case you don’t: Leave me a comment on this post and promise me you will go check out Kim’s WONDERFUL shop. You know you should buy some stuff while you are there.  And you won’t believe this but we ALL win here!  Kim has also given us all a 15% off coupon code: notquitejunecleaver (excludes clubs, gift certificates, things like that)! This code expires on 7/23. You will enter it when you check out.  I have about a dozen fabrics I need!

The drawing will be next Wednesday July 21st at noon.  So you have until then to get your name in the jar.  And be nice and tell all your friends, k?

Before further ado, here is my interview with Kim! Not only is she extremely generous with the prizes but what a great bunch of answers!  And what a pleasure it was for me!

NQJC: Please tell us about the origins of Fat Quarter Shop – I LOVE it by the way…GREAT service…GREAT selection of all things fabric related!
Thank you!! I learned to quilt years ago and discovered all these beautiful quilting fabrics. I went looking for one in particular, a 3 Sisters line from Moda Fabrics and surprised that I couldn’t find it at any of my local quilt shops. I found it online, but wasn’t impressed with how my orders were handled. Around that time, things at my corporate job started to slow down, and I saw it as an opportunity to start an online store where you could find anything you needed AND get great customer service. I started FQS right out of my house in 2001, and eventually it became my fulltime work. My husband came onboard a few years later, and we just kept growing, always keeping in mind my mission for the store. That’s why we have so many different lines and wonderful people to help you sort through it all.

NQJC: Do you ever say “What have I gotten myself into”?
LOL! Of course there are those moments…sometimes you wish the world wide web had opening and closing hours! But every day I’m so glad to be running Fat Quarter Shop. It’s been a huge investment over the last few years, while also raising three kids with another on the way, but the rewards are worth it. I love getting emails from customers that say, “I could only find it here!” or “The service I received was wonderful.” That’s the experience I want when I’m shopping, and I’m glad to be able to offer that to the quilting community.

NQJC: What’s the best thing about what you do? And the worst?
The worst thing is that the store never closes! We’re open 24/7 which means you have to be vigilant about making time away from work. But we love our customers, so I can’t complain! The best thing would be connecting daily with people who have the same passion for quilting & fabric that I have, and getting to carry out all the ideas I have, like the Designer Mystery Block of the Month club .

NQJC: Do you have a particular quilt that is your favorite?  And did you make it or was it a gift?
I have a few, but the one I’m working on now is my current favorite. I love making quilts for my babies. I’m making this one for my daughter, and it’s for her “big girl” bed. I used this fantastic fabric, Bliss by Bonnie & Camille for Moda, and I’ll show it on the FQS blog as soon as it’s back from the quilter!

NQJC: Do you have a favorite artist? author?

I certainly have favorite fabric designers. 3 Sisters (who designed the fabric that sparked the idea for FQS) and Lake House fabrics by Holly Holderman  always amaze me.

NQJC: What is the hardest thing you have faced being a business owner of a web shoppe?
The worst might be what I just mentioned, and any internet shop owner will understand – we are always open! It can make for a crazy, hectic lifestyle. Thankfully I have been able to find a great staff to shoulder that work with me. If you’ve ever called or e-mailed, you’ve probably spoken with Debbie, Cheryl or Kathy, who have years of experience in the fabric world.

NQJC: Do you have any words of wisdom for women looking to opening their own business?
Know what you do. Know what is going to make your store or service different, and don’t compromise that. Adapting to the climate is key of course, but always strive to have a strong, unique identity that will differentiate you.

NQJC: Do you find it hard to merge home business with homemaking?

Neither is an easy task! I do my best at both and am still learning. Our children are all still very young (3 years old and under) so we’ll see what happens!

NQJC: Tell us about your home. I imagine it is just overflowing with beautiful things you have made.
I love it. I have so many quilts on display on racks and walls, table toppers on the dining set. My daughter’s room is especially filled with girly quilts, and I’m still working on filling up the boys’! I have set up a nice studio tucked in the back of the house where I can get away and sew.

NQJC: Now that I have picked your brain about business tell us a little about your childhood and how you think it influenced your creative spirit. Take as much space as you want here! I am intrigued and I know I am not the only one!

I learned to craft very early on, though I didn’t learn to sew until I was an adult. I started to crochet when I was five. My granny taught me and I still crochet at least one project a year. I learned to cross stitch when I was eleven, and I still cross stitch all the time! I am about to start a new cross stitch project; I make them for all my children. I didn’t learn to sew until 1998, and then when I discovered quilting, I was completely hooked! Now my house is filled with quilts, and I couldn’t be happier.

NQJC: Was there any one particular person that inspired you to follow your dreams?
My father was always my biggest supporter. He always encouraged me to work hard, and that with hard work, success would follow.

NQJC: What blogs and mags do you read and what shops do you shop at?
Too many to keep track of! A few must-reads for me, in no particular order, are L.A. quilter (a good customer of ours who became a great friend – I love keeping up with her stash busting adventures), Moda Lissa (a staple for any true Moda fan!), Bunny Hill (a wonderful pattern designer who also became a close friend, and now she designs fabric for Moda), Sister’s Choice (she is just so darn prolific, and I love her quilts), Pam Kitty Morning (this goes without saying, Pam Kitty Morning is a hoot), and Simplify (Camille’s blog is always a breath of fresh air). Other blogs I love to peruse with great project tutorials are Moda Bake Shop and Sew4Home . And when I shop for fabric, I shop at Fat Quarter Shop of course!

NQJC: As you know I talk alot about food on my blog so I have a couple of food related questions:
What is your very favorite meal, including dessert? Tacos and cookies and cream ice cream!
What kitchen gadget could you not live without? My waffle maker!
Who does most of the cooking at your house? Nobody LOL! To be truthful, we eat out a lot.
Is there a favorite food from childhood that you wish you had the recipe for? Peach cobbler.

NQJC: What three “things” can you not live without?
I couldn’t live without my kids, my sewing machine, and my TV!

NQJC: Any words you live by?

Never take shortcuts. Be a perfectionist.

THANK YOU SO MUCH KIM!!!!  And a big BIG thank you to Jocelyn to help make this all possible!

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Eye candy, enter me, I”d love to win this one! And thanks for the new link to check out, you had me a fabric! Thanks!


I agree with Sue…..eye candy!!!! I’ve just got back into sewing. And those are some fun projects to do!!!

Such a nice interview….it is hard to stay focused with so much creative energy buzzing around this post! Susan….you never, ever disappoint. Missing you…~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic

Pretty!!! Just a beginner seamstress here but would love to win!!


This post is totally for me! My grandmother just gave me a sewing machine last weekend because I told her I wanted to start making, what else, aprons! Super excited to look at all that awesome fabric. Thanks!


wowI would love to win something from you and i am about to go see Kim page and see what i can fine there as well i just got back in to sewing and making diff thing again even if my kids are home for the summer lol. love the interview as well wow such a lot of work to have a bussiness online and all. you all are such awesome Women.

Great giveaway, and interview! I love fabric and have a hard time not buying some every week. I’m going to check out the shop now!

Gorgeous fabric..I want to win! Pick me! Pick me! ;)

Jenn S.

Just getting back into sewing after several years. Wouldn’t that be a nice prize to win to spur ya along the creative highway! I just love that Batik line she (Fat Quarter Shop) carries. Isn’t it beautiful. Think I will have to order some from her to make a baby quilt for my first grandchild coming in February. I just love your blog, BTW, and squeal when it comes up on my facebook! Thanks for a happy beginning to Friday!


What a great interview! Thanks to Kimberly for the blog reading shout out! I appreciate it!

I LOVE the Fat Quarter Shop, I have shopped there many times! What a prize, I would certainly be a happy seamstress to win that booty! Great interview, I’m off to peruse the shop! Thanks!

Hi there Susan,
I’ll plug this over on my facebook page for you. I am glad to see that you are back to blogging. I miss you. Feel free to call me sometime. Would love to hear from you. Or drop me a note. As you know my month has been an interesting one, but my husbands health is improving little by little..yay!
I’m gearing up to get back to homeschooling next month. I’ll have one in grade K this year as well as a 4th grader. Fun! Fun! :0)
Have a great weekend gal! By the way..this is a really nice interview and giveaway feature.

I love the Fat Quarter Shop, have them on my blog reader so I don’t miss an interview. Might have to go shopping with that 15% off. oh the temptation!!!

Awesome…..please put my name in the pot!

Susan…A great interview. thank you to both of you for the time and energy it took to do this.

I would love to win another apron from you… but in all fairness…I do not sew so the patterns would go to waste in my hands…so I opt out on this one…and best wishes to all of you who enter this give away who sew!

Love you all…
Victoria in Houston

Patti M

I have to admit I checked out Kim’s site/shop before reading your post — what can I say, I’m a textile type of gal!! Oh my goodness, but I could (and surely will, over time) spend a fortune there. But all shopping will have to wait until I’m moved to my new place on July 21. After that, let the shopping begin!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE FQS. I am on the site at least once a day, checking out all the great fabric and books and patterns. It’s my favorite way to shop, and the service is absolutely impeccable.

LuAna Meigs

I just love your shares…from recipes to crafts you’re amazing! Please consider me for the drawing.

Great giveaway…I’m thinking of making aprons for Christmas presents…so would love to win! Loved the interview with Kimberly, too…FQS is my favorite!

Wow. Kim has a great eye for fabrics. My mom would eat this store up! Please enter me in the giveaway. THANKS!

I’d love to be entered. I’m thinking Christmas presents here! Kimberly, you crack me up! My stash busting adventures? ROFLOL. More like my stash-enhancing adventures! xox to the Jolly babes!

Jennifer C.

I love FQS, and have purchased from them several times. They are always so great and fast!

I love Kim’s shop! It is awesome!

I would love a chance to win these goodies! Eye candy indeed!

Wonderful interview! Great questions and answers. I love hearing about how someone got involved in quilting. It was interesting to see the blogs mentioned. I read all but one. Guess I’ll have to subscribe to that one, too. Many thanks for a great read!

Chelsea W.

Hi Mrs Susan,
I would love my name in the drawing… thanks for helping me with sewing the other day. It was fun.

What a fun interview! And the promise to visit the shop, EASY! One of my favorite places already!

Leah J

what a fun interview! I found your blog through the FQS blog & I’m loving it here! Thanks for a fantastic giveaway! I hope I win!! :D


It’s great to hear from Kim. She gives such great interviews on her blog. I enjoy your new-to-me blog too! Thanks!


Very nice interview. I shop at FQS, but really knew little about the owner. Don’t know how she does it with little childen!

Donna Maine

Love your Blog! Would love the apron patterns–great idea for Christmas presents. Enjoyed the interview, too!
Donna in NE La.


I love FQS! I agree whole-heartedly about the great customer service and I’m always surprised at how quickly I get my packages. I’d love to win the apron patterns because that’s high on my list of to-dos. I cook so much more now and I’m no the cleanest cook.

OOoohhhh! Such great eye candy (tee hee!) I’m new to your blog and loving it!

Great interview. Love FQS! New to your blog, too, but will be back to visit often now that I’ve found you.


Another happy FQS customer here! Tons of great fabric and great customer service.

Bonnie Nyquist

What a great interview! I remember when Kim first opened the FQS! I always look there first, customer sevice is the very best. And another baby coming? How wonderful! I am an apronista of the first order! If I love a piece of fabric,you will see it in an apron! I make aprons for my non-sewing sister also. Teaching my DGD age 9, to sew now,she loves it all too. I check the FQS site daily! Don’t know how you do it all Kim. Great giveaway too! Bonnie Nyquist bonniesline a aol dot com.

Kim is wonderful & her shop is fantastic, probably one of the best and prettiest selections of fabric!


I am at FQS every single day to see what’s new! LOVE the shop and when I can actually spend some $ – well the service is GREAT!
Super giveaway!
It was nice getting to know more about Kim! Thanks. :D


I just love that shop! They have so many nice things and the service is wonderful.
What a fantastic giveaway. I really enjoyed the interview with Kim.
Nice to see you blogging again, too. :)

I love sewing and baking, so what could be better then those adorable apron patterns!?

I love aprons. With all the neat styles out there now days they can almost be considered part of one’s wardrobe ;)


I love the Fat Quarter Shop! They are such a great source of inspiration. What a nice interview!

Belinda Gelhausen

Great interview! I am fast becoming a master apron maker – would love to win these patterns :-)
So fun to learn the FQS story – I’ve always wondered how they got their start.


FQS is a favorite! Loved the interview and would love to be a winner. Will be back to check out your blog, too.


I don’t have a single apron pattern (but I’ve got some fabric that would be perfect for one)! I love the Fat Quarter Shop and just got my first order from them the other day, such wonderful fast service!

Lynn D in NC

I love this shop too and what a generous giveaway. I would love to win these patterns.

I love FQS and always look there first when I “need” something! I’d love to win. Thanks for the interesting interview and giveaway.

I LOVE FQS! They have the best selection! Thanks for the great giveaway!

I remember the first time I ordered from Kim 6 years ago. I think I woke her up. It was my first online purchase and I was so scared. I have enjoyed shopping with her througout the years. Best fabric selection, best prices and super fast service keeps me shopping there. My husband and kids have gifted me gift certificates from the fat quarter shop since they know how much I love them.

Love the Fatquarter Shop. Great service!