Please, please, PUULLEEEZ …

get yourself back over here Friday!  I am not kidding…you do NOT want to miss this interview and giveaway!  I am soooo excited!!  I know you will think it was worth the wait.  There will be a drawing for the GRAND PRIZE (ooooo…such a greatgreat prize package) on Wednesday, July 21.  BUT, really everyone wins in this giveaway…but you have to come back by to find out how!!! I am telling you tho…it’s good! Oh okay…here’s a little, tiny hint~


See you all Friday! Heck…check in tomorrow I will at least give you a good recipe!  You deserve a little special attention after me leaving you to chase my Mojo for what has turned into a couple of months now.  I have some other very special things in the works for you and this giveaway is such a special way to get started!

Thanks for visiting, and hanging on while I get my blogging life (as well as parts of my real life) back in order!  Your patience and perseverance  is so very much appreciated.

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I’ll be there, and glad to have you back with us!

You’re always worth the wait! See you soon!

Susan…Ya hoo for FRIDAY…I will be here…can’t wait to see what your creative goddess has in store for all of us!

Victoria in Houston

Susan – that’s what friends do – they give you space to do your thing. Even interwebs friends can understand and wait for you to come out to play again!

Looking forward to your giveaway and a recipe!

I need a new recipe!

I will be back! ~Kelly