Well…that was fun. Compared to abdominal surgery.

Kidding.  A little.  The fiasco that was Hannah’s trip home is over.  And she is here safe and sound with tales to tell and headed to work for half a day. Her original arrival time was 5:20pm and we actually picked her up at 9:30pm.


Could have been SO much worse but it was nerve-racking for her.  She was ready to come home.  We were tired of window shopping and it put us home about 1:30 this morning.  I know waaaaaaaaaaa.  Whiny baby.  I had all intentions of helping with the driving but instead I slept ALL OVER the cab of the truck.  I was so freakin’ sleepy I could NOT stay awake.  So Jerry drank Red Bull and ate corn nuts and probably had never given it a second thought that would actually drive anyway.

We made the grocery store rounds.  Central Market, Whole Foods ~ which we were not terribly impressed with.  Granted, I have been in only two Whole Foods before.  One in London, England and one in Baton Rouge and this one on Kirby in Houston,  paled in comparison. We did have time to eat a very good supper at Salt Grass Steakhouse.  Then on to Hobby Lobby were I spent a whole 79 cents and  Barnes and Noble (Starbucks, really) and then a walk around the Deerbrook Mall.  FINALLY we got the ring from Hannah saying “Please come get me.”

It was a long day but all my chicks are back in the basket and now to get ready for school to start in just a month.  Lots to do! We have heard from Hannah’s college $$ and we are good to go.  As is Rachel.  Two college freshmen from the same household need $$.  And we are happy it is all coming together fairly smoothly. If hadn’t had crazy fingers and typed some insane social security number on Rachel’s application, we would have been finished before now maybe. But I spent a few minutes on the phone this morning with a nice young man named Carl and got it all straightened out.

Let’s see what else?  I am making red beans with rice and tasso for supper and between loads of laundry I am working on my etsy shoppe ~ as usual, stay tuned, I will be making an announcement as soon as possible.

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What a nice feeling to have all your chicks home safe and sound. (((hugs))) Airports are so frustrating. Everthing is always overbooked, late and beyond busy. I always think it is the worst part of any trip! Red beans, rice and tasso, sounds fabulous! xxoo