Simply Saturday Number One

It’s going to be a busy one ~ for the first half anyway.  Rachel and I have little baking project for today. A little  nephew,  is turning 10 today and he wanted us to make his cake.  He’s having a bowling party so that is the theme.  I will try to get a picture of the finished cake up tomorrow.  I am going to do the baking and icing and Rachel the decorating.  Then its on to the regular Saturday stuff and possibly a visit from little Sam this afternoon.

I thought I might share an update of my tomatoes that I started hoping for winter tomatoes to go with all the salad Jerry and I will plant in October.


They are looking pretty good I think. I am not experienced at all starting tomatoes.  We usually buy them already well established and plant them directly in the ground in Spring.  But so far just the fact that they are still alive and I have not forgotten to water them is thrilling! I think most of them have 4 sets of leaves and as soon as the stalk is a little stronger, I will plant them in the pots I plan to keep them in.

The girls were exhausted last night from a very warm first week of college.  BIG changes for everyone around here.  Benjamin and I have one more week before he starts his freshman year of high school.  Is that possible??  I almost cried thinking about it.  He’s going to be getting a little classroom experience this year taking a couple of science classes with some other homeschoolers.  Chemistry is first up.  A twelve week intensive and should be a good experience for him.  The next four years of our lives will likely fly by.  What I will do after he is in college is anyone’s guess.  I doubt very seriously it will be anything to compare to the last 22 years and then will be 26 years, I have spent in the constant company of 6 of the most interesting people I know or will ever know.

Better get rolling this morning.  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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Your tomato starts look great and won’t it be fabulous to have tomatoes this winter?