So….it’s Sunday and a Happy Birthday to Hannah!

My Hannah Elisabeth turns 22 today.  That is so hard to believe.  We are off to Shreveport to have lunch, visit with Sam and Zach and head back to enjoy the rest of the evening and eat birthday cake.  Yummy Butter Pecan with Maple frosting. I thought I might share some pictures of our second daughter, fourth child with you.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY HANNAH! Jerry and I bought her a birthstone ring.




Cake pictures tomorrow…Magpie Monday!

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They grow up so fast. Happy Birthday Hannah, love your name. I have a grandson that will be 22 in December, makes me feel old, oh wait, I am, haha.

Happy Birthday to your baby girl! (they’ll always be our baby girls, right?)

Happy birthday Hannah…you are beautiful!

Birthday wishes
Victoria in Houston


Love that Hannah! It is hard to believe she is 22! Sounds like you girls and Ben had a good weekend, in spite of battery problems. Hope you have a great week!

Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter. She is the same age as my youngest son. They do grow up far too quickly!