Tree-hugging Tuesday ‘s Top Seven Green Websites

Welcome Tuesday!  I thought I would share 7 of my favorite green websites.  Hopefully I will introduce you do some you haven’t found on your own.

With the 5 year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina’s devastation of the Gulf coast this past Sunday, there was quite a bit of news coverage of how the people of New Orleans are rebuilding their lives as well as their homes.  So I will start with my favorite local green websites and then on to my other faves.

#1  Making it Right NOLA, the brainchild of Brad Pitt who found it simply unacceptable that once vibrant intercity communities and neighborhoods were still silent two years after the storm.  No rebuilding had begun and the area looked much as it had just after the waters receded.  The most fascinating thing to me is that some of the homes owe no energy bills.  They actually generate more energy than they use.  AMAZING.


#2 New Orleans Habitat Musicians’ Villiage While I am on the subjects of post Katrina, The Gulf Coast and specifically New Orleans, I found the Musicians’ Village is a project affiliated with Habitat for Humanity. This project goes beyond rebuilding homes and addresses the need to preserve a culture unique to New Orleans’ music community.

#3 The Nature Conservancy works to preserve plants, animals and natural communities that represent the diversity of life on Earth by protecting the lands and waters they need to survive.

#4 Saving Farmland website of The American Farmland Trust  ~ At farmers’ markets, restaurants, grocery stores, school cafeterias and communities across America, people are searching for healthy food that’s grown on nearby farms. Meeting this demand will take more farms, more farmers and more farmland growing local food.

#5 Treehugger is the leading media outlet dedicated to driving sustainability mainstream. Partial to a modern aesthetic, Treehugger strives to be a one-stop shop for green news, solutions, and product information.

#6 The Daily Green The consumer’s guide to the green revolution.  Tips, green guides, green homes, green cuisine, living green.  So much info in one place!

#7 Green Guide for Everyday Living  Website and Blog Trying to understand what climate change, fuel efficiency, green chemistry, and sustainability have to do with you? Green Guide’s blog helps you wade through the greenwashing and complicated science. GG writers bring you some of the most notable stories and trends, and provide tips on how you can meaningfully and easily green your own life.



My NEWEST green pledge – no new clothes for 1 year.  If I happen to change sizes, and I am trying to do just that, I will dig, borrow, alter, whatever it takes.  I am going to start September 2010 off right.  Not only am I not buying anything new, I am cleaning out my closet.  Clothes and shoes.  This may not seem like much but I need to recycle, reduce and reuse!

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Hi Susan, thanks for all the great links. I did have a problem with #4 Saving Farmland but found it doing a search, just thought you would want to know.
I think your Green Pledge is admirable and brave as well as being green. I cleaned out all my clothes, shoes and handbags recently myself but am not ready to make a pledge not to buy more for a year as I do need to replace some of the things. I have come to realize that I need way less than I thought I did at one time but sharing your pledge has inspired me to try it in the future.

Thank you Victoria! I fixed #4.

About my pledge: I know I can do it. I went more than one year without buying new clothes back when all 6 kids were at home. There were years when I had one pair of shoes at a time. Now, I have no idea how many but I am pretty sure I counted 8 pairs of flip flops! Jeeze. Not necessary! I hope I can find a place taking donations close. Many of my things are like new. And still I wear the same pairs of overalls or jeans every day. So…now that I have my new coffee colored overallsand flannel lined ones for winter, I feel it is safe to pledge!

Great links and ideas Susan. If we each do our part, it will make a big difference! xxoo


Ahhh shoes that was the hardest for me as I am addicted to shoes but I was ruthless in my clean out and am down to about a dozen pairs now. I am sure the recipients will be thrilled with your generosity. I don’t know about where you live but Diabled Vets will come to your house to pick up and of course there are many Goodwill dropoffs in the city. Another thought is women’s shelters, some churches have clothes closets as well.
Good luck.