What’s a Baggu you ask? Psssst: Giveaway!

Wellllll, I will tell you!  It is my very favorite market bag! The company is very VERY “green” and the customer service is superb! They have been featured in everything from Martha Stewart Living magazine to Real Simple.  Baggus are sturdy rip-stop fabric bags designed much like your typical plastic grocery sack but Earth friendly of course!  I use mine from everything from groceries to wet towels after swimming.  They are machine washable and line dry in just minutes. I own maybe 15 baggus not counting the set of lovely little mesh produce bags-one of which I included in the giveaway! Along with a regular size Baggu and a Baby Baggu!


I personally have tested the heck out of them and while they say they will hold 25 pounds I am pretty sure I have pushed mine a little past that!  On my last vacation I put my shoes in them to pack and then used them for dirty clothes and everything in between!

They fold so nicely in their little pouches that you can just drop them in your purse or put them in your pocket and there is a great drawstring bag available that you can get to put all your baggus in and just leave them in your vehicle or hang by your door so you will always have them ready for shopping.  Here are mine hanging to dry…aren’t they so pretty? LOVE the colors!

bags1I decided I would give away a set of green bags for my birthday.  You lucky ducks just need to leave me a comment telling me your favorite “green tip” and I will put your name in my big ol’ mason jar and then on Friday the 13th I will draw a name and send out a set of beautiful green baggus just for you! So Friday the 13th will be lucky for someone!

Good luck to all of you and feel free to mention this on your blog or fb pages.  I can’t wait to read all your green tips!  Here’s mine:

NQJC’s Green Tip of the Day: Cloth Napkins.  Make ’em. Buy ’em.  Either way, plain and simple.  And much prettier than paper napkins!

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I use clean and bottom drilled empty food cans to grow herbs on my porch as well as starting flowers. You can paint them to be really pretty or just the silver is lovely too. Of course, they are great as pencil holders, paint brush holders, etc. etc.

My hubby’s birthday is Aug. 13, I didn’t realize it was a Friday this year.

You do the best giveaways, thank you!


My tip is about repurposing clothing. I take my sons old pants that have pockets on the side of the legs (you know the kind that are big and have velcro or zipper closures) and make little handbags out of them. I simply cut out the pockets leaving about 3inches all around the pocket. Then I attach a zipper to the top add lining, use the remainder of the pants to make a long strap that I can wear cross-body and voila a new bag that I use when travelling. I simply put a small change purse which holds money, credit cards, and ID inside and away I go.


My favorite green tip is using bento boxes to pack my daughters lunch everyday. They are reusable and everything fits in one container instead of using multiple plastic baggies.

My easiest green tip is to have different recycling containers available in a few convenient spots. I can put them away in minutes to be company ready, and the kids have grown up trying to figure out a way to recycle just about everything they use. It’s really automatic for them. Great giveaway – thanks!

Jami Glass

I use home-made cleaners like vinegar & baking soda instead of buying them.

I’m a junker/crafter, so I like to repurpose lots of things. Turn trash in to treasure! 🙂 Otherwise, I use any plastic grocery bags I do get as liners for my trash cans.


We have used cloth napkins for quite some time and love them. I just made some flannel “paper” towels and that is our new green item. I don’t buy napkins, paper plates and now very few paper towels.


How to pick a favorite?
~ We LOVE our Kleen Kanteen water bottles and use them all year long for everything hot and cold!
~ We take our reusable shopping bags everywhere with us! We use real towels and wash cloths instead of paper.
~ We’ve got big recycling bins for everything we can take to the center for cash.
~ We also “recycle” all our kitchen and yard scraps into the compost bin.
~ We try to eat as local as we can, so when we travel, we try to take a cooler packed with goodies from home. Saves money and the environment. Just because we travel doesn’t mean all the food we consume has to also!
~ We rarely buy new – we actively participate in clothing swaps, thrift store shopping, and freecycle! Another favorite activity is “curbside conservation” – which is where you watch what people put out with “free” signs OR on bulk pick up days. I never cease to be amazed at what some people throw away!

Diana K

I use market bags that I have knit or have purchased.
I recycle paper, plastics, glass, aluminum, etc.
I use my kitchen scraps to compost.
I repurpose as many things as I can.
I’ve switched from regular light bulbs to green ones throughout the house.

Love this give-away! What a great bag!
My green tip for today is composting…..making my own from veggie scraps, grass, weeds, etc….added to my garden it makes a wonderful natural fertilizer!
I also love doing the trash to treasure thing too!

I save glass jars from things like jelly, mayo, pickles, etc for storing leftovers, freezing sauces, salad dressings, etc.


I use already used dryer sheets to dust. It helps cut down the dust and is static free….keeps dust from sticking to tables.

I seriously LOVE those produce bags. We do as much “green” things here as possible. Composting, recycling, repurposing, organic, locally grown, homemade, homegrown, you name it. I have two green tips. One is for work, instead of recycling paper, use a paper cutter to cut letter-size paper into 4 pieces and use as scratch paper, in place of post-it-notes, etc. and you can recycle it once you’ve used it twice. One is for home: look for green cleaning products–animal and environment friendly, no petroleum, biodegradable. I found scrubbies made of agave plants instead of plastic. They just wear down and are compostable/biodegradable.

Great looking bags Susan. I always bring my own bags to the shops. I have special heavy duty ones that I purchased just for that purpose. I do get a bit angry about packaging. There is so much of it. Our bin is always filled to the brim with it. Actual food waste is next to nil. Most of our garbage is packaging. I know that a certain amount of it is necessary, but some of it is way over the top! We do recycle as much of it as we can!


Fabulous giveaway, love the photo! I use electrical strips with the switch, so I can turn off power on things that still draw power even when they are not being used. Just flip the switch to off, on the power strip and everything is off. I try to incorporate as many green tips as I can because every little bit helps. These bags would be a wonderful addition to my greening, thanks for including me in your giveaway.

Green Tip: Clean with Vodka. It’s an amazing cleaner for your house, green and well, makes a great martini afterwards? Love these bags, gotta get me some. Once again Suzi, you have given us another morsel of goodness.


I recycle everything from paper notes to glass. Even when I go somewhere and they did not have that service, I bring them home. I also use paper bags to shop and I would love to have the bags to bring my food home.


I am making my own laundry soap these days. Love it – Love it!!!
Smells so clean and only takes 1/8 of a cup. I store it in a 1/2 gallon old mason jar.


I used to buy plastic water bottles like crazy and they were all over the house, then in the garbage. But now I use my Sigg. It goes with me everywhere!

Terri Emmons

Such GREAT bags and so nice of you to give some away..
Happy Birthday..!!!!!

I try to do what ever we can to be green.
We use bento boxes for lunches that we got in Japan.. ( we are going back soon so these bags would come in SO handy when we are there)
We recycle all our cans and bottles.
We use Vinager to clean windows and so many things instead of buying cleaners.
I love using bags I have made for my groceries.
So there are many things we do to help out and as much as I can I try to even get better at it…

Have a great week….

Susan…Great give away… I make all my organic bath products… use vintage and recycled glass for my art… eat organic food… and use green cleaning products in my home. Wrapping paper and bows get second…third and sometimes fourth lives… and instead of buying presents…I usually make them…

Love to all…
Victoria in Houston


I’ve always kept a big basket of cloth napkins on the dining table. Love it & have found that guests comment & many convert to a similar system in their own homes. Everything gets recycled. All catalogs & magazines have been canceled.


I keep my shopping bags…some of which I made in my car so I never forget (easy to do when getting the 3 yr old ready to shop). I like to use vinegar, lemon or salt for cleaning too.


My recycling tip comes from something I do at work. I work in an office and any paper I can’t use gets saved and we make “scratch pads” to use for notes.

Sharon M.

I have started reusing glass jars–they are so pretty full of rice and grains and spices!! And I LOVE those bags Susan!


We use stainless steel water bottles instead of buying individual plastic bottles of water. We also use cloth napkins, which I just love. I clean our bathtub with a little dab of shampoo and a scrubbie pad. It works much better than bathtub cleaner, and no caustic chemicals going down the drain or being inhaled by me.


Great bags….I love them!. I recycle all my paper, plastics and tins. A lot of stuff goes to school for collage (milk bottle tops to fabric scraps). I also make my own kitchen cleaner from vinegar and citrus peels. I also put vinegar in the final rinse water instead of fabric softner when washing and always hang my clothes on the outside line to dry.

I use Japanese ‘furoshiki’ to wrap gifts
Can also use bandanas, scarves, fabric scraps

They are COLORFUL, reuseable, BEAUTIFUL, and SO EASY !

No need for tape, scissors, ribbon etc.


I use reusable bento boxes for lunch.