It really can’t be Thursday and where did September get off to?

Tomorrow is October 1st.  2010.  How did we get here?  I mean seriously, somewhere I feel like I have misplaced about 6-7 years!  I am not going to bore you with what all is not going on in my head this morning.  No need in just talking to hear my head rattle as I like to tell my kids when I am talking and I don’t think they are listening.  It’s been a busy week and now Thursday has arrived and I have lots of work to do.  On top of that tomorrow is a trip to the dr for both Jerry and me – just check ups but it means we will be out all day.  No point in driving 75 miles one way and not shopping right?

I want to pick up a few more pumpkins.  I really can’t believe I didn’t plant pumpkins this year. I always plant pumpkins.  And man, do I miss them.  It is probably good to let the patch rest a season anyway.  I am going to work today to get most of my Autumn decorations put out and see what I might need to find tomorrow besides pumpkins.  I really want a weather vane witch but haven’t made the plunge.


Why do they always make the witches look cranky?  And in need of rhinoplasty?  Not all witches have big warty noses.

I do love me some Hallowe’en/Fall decorating. Of course I leave my witches out all year.  I have been collecting witches for a long LONG time.  When we married, Jerry’s mom gave me a kitchen witch to hang in my kitchen and in those 33 years I have collected about 12 or so more. So truly my kitchen is full of kitchen witches!  And I just got a picture from my friend Marie I will frame and hang…isn’t she just the cutest little witch?


Click on Marie’s name above and it will take you to her LOVELY blog and then look for her etsy link.  She’ has the cutest things there!

Maybe I will have to make some photos as I get my house all Hallowe’ened up!  Maybe thru the month of October I should not only share pictures but some of our traditions.  That might be fun.

I have got to get up from this computer and get busy!  You all have a wonderful, wonderful Thursday and don’t forget to enter to win the socks from yesterday.  Drawing will be Saturday!

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Last night while Ella was sleeping I was taking care of payday and bills, looked at the month of September and was thinking this coming month was September, when I figured it was October I felt like I had skipped a month somehow!
If you are hunting pumpkins go to Ellis… I got 2 Cinderella pumpkins and a couple regular ones, and they even had what we call “ugly pumpkins” the ones with the warts.
I behaved myself in there and did not buy any more decorations! But we were salivating over the Christmas things! Little one was just smiling at the decorated tree’s!!

Witches can be cute! Just look at Samantha Stevens!!! I wanted to be her when I grew up.

Do share your Fall/Hallowe’en traditions! Would love to see how you “decorize.”


Thanks for the links to Marie’s blog, whatta a lovely blog. I would love to see photos of your Autumn decor. Have fun picking pumpkins.

So happy you liked the little witch Susan and thanks for the link to my artblog! Every little helps! I wish that there were more Halloween Decorations available over here. It’s just not that popular I guess. November 6th is the big day, Bonfire Night! Have a safe journey to the Doctors and back! xxoo