It’s going to be a busy Sunday around here.

We finished painting the window boxes yesterday and I will have two flats of pansies left to put into pots.


I love their little smilie faces.  One of my favorite flowers.  I would have loved to have some of the faceless pastels but after seeing these…they are perfect against the light green of the house.

The little man Sam is down visiting us and a friend called first thing to tell us his picture was on the front page of the Shreveport Times AGAIN today.  Cool.

bildeAnd going to do a little entertaining tonight.  Jerry is making Vodka Rustica and Ciabatta – I have no idea what’s for dessert.  What sounds good? Pie? Pie always sounds good.

Tomorrow Benjamin has to have oral surgery to remove to baby teeth that are embedded in his jaw.  Don’t ask.  I have NO idea how that would happen.  And my kids have some strange dental issues.  He’s not looking forward to it but hopes to have all the good meds people have told him about.  I have never had oral surgery…plenty of other surgeries.

Speaking of surgery, for those who have had gall bladder removal, is your tummy ever right again?  I know the most common complaint, so I won’t go into any detail of that.  Yuck.  I don’t have the common issues, because well, I refuse to have anything easily diagnosed or treated.  Everything I eat seems to get stuck under my right rib cage up top where my gall bladder was.  Not really indigestion as much as pain.  Like it hurts for my bra band to touch.  And you know I am careful about what I eat because of my allergies so I was thinking it isn’t what I am eating, so much as the fact that I AM eating.  How do I still weigh this much??!!  I am starting on some enzymes today to see if I can get some relief.  I did eat two helpings of spaghetti last night but come on, pasta?  Is there anything easier to digest?  So this lead me to the internets where I realize that my wheat gluten intolerance  may be getting worse.  Like it was one that I ignored because well, what am I supposed to eat?  Bread, chocolate and coffee.  Back to the allergist I guess.  Please don’t let me develop a full blown gluten intolerance.  That would be horrible.  I like gluten.  But you know thinking back, bread has been really bothering me lately.  It is one of things I could specifically say felt like it got “stuck” in my gut.  Good grief.  So what can I eat?  Safely I mean. Could be worse.  Always.  It just really sucks because we all love food and cooking.  But I know how serious sensitivities to food can be.  Jerry and I went to lunch last week and he got fried shrimp.  They smelled so good.  And I hadn’t had any seafood for about 3 years so I took one tiny little bite and chewed and savored the flavor and then couldn’t bring myself to swallow it.  So I spit it out in my napkin and within a minute or so the inside of my mouth was swollen and my lips were raw.  Geez.  But it sure tasted good.  So happy I had sense enough not to ingest it.  That would have been a mess.


Okay, I am done complaining.  See you all tomorrow!  Happy Sunday!

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Yeah, I get that too. Almost like a…blown-up balloon is in my right rib cage. I would think it’s just a case of things in that area (duodenum, upper intestines, biliary system, etc) just not running as efficiently as they should “normally”. Not only is the gallbladder not there waiting with bile to release, but, if I remember correctly, the bile released from the gallbladder is typically much more concentrated than bile directly from the liver. My digestive system was already pretty whack though, so it’s actually still an improvement overall than what it was.

Beats the heck out of pancreatitis and liver failure too. 😉


Susan the pansies are beautiful. I think they are such a happy flower, they always make me smile. Good luck to Benjamin tomorrow. What a cute photo of Sam. I have had my gallbladder removed but have not had the pain you are experiencing. I hope for your sake it is not your gluten intolerance getting worse but you should check it out with the doc.

My mom had a lot of trouble after she had her gall bladder removed. She was on the enzymes for awhile but eventually had to go off of them She had a horrible problem with diaherra while she was on them. Sorry for being so explicit! (((hugs))) I hope it gets better soon!

Susa, I do love pansies. They are one of my favourite flowers. I can imagine how lovely those will look when planted in your boxes! What a sweetie pie your grandson is! I have not experiences the gall bladder problems you describe, but I do get a lot of heartburn, mostly after I eat bread or pastry. I wonder . . .

Hope ya got all yer pansies planted! So pretty.

Sorry about your gall bladder woes. Hope it’s not more gluten trouble. I too loves my glutens.