Monday ‘s News

Better late than never ???

Our trip to the oral surgeon for what was to be easy extraction of two baby teeth turned out to be an all day ordeal.  The teeth were not only impacted but some roots were ankylosed. So…general anesthesia and cutting involved.  Benjamin did better than I did sitting and waiting on them to tell me he did great.  He is still fairly drugged and his mouth is still mostly numb so I will be up a while with him to be sure he’s going to be okay.

To say I am too tired to write is an understatement.  I will do better this week, promise!  I will be back tomorrow for Tree-huggin’ Tuesday and PLEASE, please be here Wednesday for Wednesday’s Woman and the “Knock Your Socks Off Giveaway”.  It’s going to be a great post and giveaway!

Hope you all had a better day than Ben did!

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Poor Ben, hope he heals up quickly!!

What a brave boy. Hope he heals well and quickly!! xxoo


Hope Ben is feeling good as new today.

Hugs to Ben… for his sore mouth…and to you as his mom…Victoria in Houston

Oh I have been there on the oral surgery. My mouth hurts for Ben. I lived on milkshakes for a while when I needed a bunch of surgeries and then braces. Hugs for him!