Simply Saturday Snapshot

Forgive this rambling post this morning.  I have about 50 things going at once and my brain is scrambled.  I am working on my etsy shoppe, cleaning house, working a little outside to get ready to mow when it is dry enough, destashing fabric piles, laundry…what else??? OH I am determined to finish at least two quilt blocks sometime today.  Thankfully I won’t have to cook supper – leftover chicken tetrazzini sounds pretty good.

We had our almost-weekly-when-Jerry- is-gone hen party last night.  B & C are a mother and daughter that are so dear to my heart I consider them kin.  C is a sister I never had and B is quite possibly my clone!  Our minds work so much alike it is frightening at times.  I would not suggest making us mad at the same time 😉

The wonderful thing about this pair is they are people that I have to in no way put on any other face than the one I was born with.  I can completely be myself, no matter my mood.  We can talk about absolutely anything and do!  I talk about things with them that I don’t talk about with anyone other than family…and not all family 😉  Anyhoodle, we had chicken tetrazzini, garlic bread, carrots, corn and lemon icebox pie.  Pretty good supper but honestly, when we all sit down and the jaws start flappin’ we could be eating packing peanuts and no one would be the wiser.  I need these women.  True blue friends. So when the 5 of us get together, me, C, B, Hannah and Rachel…WATCH OUT WORLD!

I hope you all arent too disappointed in this very short post but I really do have to get busy!  Hopefully I can make a little announcement tomorrow about my etsy shoppe. There will be paper goods, baking supplies,fabric,  containers…who knows! Here’s a little peek:berrybaskets

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That’s great that you had a nice hen party with your friends. The dinner sounds wonderful. Can’t wait to see what goodies you put in your etsy shoppe.

I really need to get back into crafting. I wish there were more hours in the day!

It all sounds good Susan! I can’t wait to see what you have planned!

It’s so wonderful to have a circle of gal pals!

And I know what ya mean about being so busy! I was just telling BillHubby that I want to clean house, rake the yard or maybe just curl up with a good book. Too many choices.

Looking forward to the goodies in your etsy shop!


C and B feel the same way! It is sooo good to spend time with you fabulous women, who make us feel so welcome and comfortable. It’s so refreshing to have true friends who, as you said, we feel we can completely be ourselves with. Times spent with you girls is something I treasure and I know that B does too! I don’t know of a better way to unwind. And I too, feel that I can talk to you and your girls about things I don’t talk to anyone else about. We always leave feeling much lighter in spirit. You are so right about B—she is your little clone! I certainly wouldn’t want to make you two girls mad at the same time! Heaven help one who dared to do so!