Simply Saturday Soccer with Sam

Say that 5 times real fast.  I got up at the crack of dawn this morning and headed to S-town to see the little man’s first soccer game.  It was great!  That is one enthusiastic 6 year old!  My Saturday has been filled with fun and now Sam has made it to my house for the rest of the weekend!  I have lasagna in the oven and then Hannah and I are going to catch up on DVR’d Mad Men.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


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I love the action pic!!! What fun!

Mmmm, lasagna! I have a sick with a cold but you would think he is dying laying in bed Hubby and your simple Apple Pie is cooling on the rack.

The pie smells wonderful! Do we really have to wait 2 hours?

Sounds like you had a wonderful day…you deserve it!

Victoria in Houston

P.S. Feeling better… but not top notch yet from car accident…call you soon… when I am mended!

My grandson started with soccer this year and he just loves it. Your lasagna sounds like a good idea. I think I’ll make one today! xxoo


What a cutie!!! Great picture.