Simply Saturday ~Something to Smile About

First of all it’s Saturday, I am home again after enjoying a couple of days away with Jerry.  Granted, we didn’t spend the whole time together but it is still nice to have the time away together.  And then I check the weather and while I would really like to get my pansies in the flower boxes, I find this at


I love it when those start showing up in our forecast, even if it is likely they will change it by then.  I personally think 50 is the perfect temperature.  If the rain doesn’t hamper me today I will plant pansies in my window boxes and have some pictures for you later on.  But I have some computer work I HAVE to finish today.  It’s nipping at my heels!  Have a happy Saturday day, and I will meet you back around here later.

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Glad you enjoyed your time away. Our temperatures are cooling too, hooray! I hope the weather cooperates so you can plant your pansies.


I wish we could get out of the 90’s…..still in the 80’s at night…so humid…UUUGGG I want FALL!!! but that is what I get for living on the beach in South Florida.

Only 75 here today in the heart of (North) Carolina! Yay! I’m with ya on being most comfortable when it’s closer to 50.

Happy that you enjoyed your little holiday away Susan! The temperatures are really dropping here. It’s been quite cold actually!