Wednesday ‘s Woman: Amy Pennington from GoGoGreenGarden

You seriously need to check out this chick-a-dee’s blog and website.  TOO cool.  Such a great business mind and then to put her back into it and really make a difference in the urban frontier.  Not only does she say how much she loves food (good food) but she practices what she preaches.

If you were by here yesterday you know I am giving away a copy of her book Urban Pantry. It is a gem…a GREEN GEM!  You will adore the book and Amy.  I promise.


The drawing for the book will take place on Sunday of this week so get your name in.  Either on this post or the previous.  I don’t want to give too much away because her website and blog are really worth your time to go and read…PLUS…she just might be dropping in for a visit later if we can get our cabbages in a row! I sent her a message letting her know I was so in love with her book that I was giving a copy away to my readers and she sent me back a very sweet note saying she’d be happy to post a note for all you happy people.  VERY COOL. Hopefully she will allow me to post a picture or two…she’s adorable on top of everything else!  So check back later.  Hopefully we can get it all together today for you!  But while you are waiting…go check her out for yourself!

Happy Wednesday everyone.  I have a crazy busy day today ~ orthodontist, Chemistry Class (30 miles away), dentist, grocery shopping, gift delivery, plant nursery (gotta look for some pansies) and then back home to cook and clean because Jerry will be headed over the big blue ocean tomorrow! Can’t wait to see him.  It has been a long month. He won’t notice if everything is just so…but I like to do it anyway;)

Oh one more thing.  I found this article and I think the idea is a winner!  It pains me to think of books being destroyed.  YES, I have an IPAD and I do buy some books for it…but, I still love a “real” book as evidenced by my enormous collection of reading material. Plus an 8×10 storage building FULL of books from my Mom’s home and old homeschooling books and books we just don’t have room for.  I know, I know, I need to donate some of them.  It’s on my list.


Image by Ellen Forsyth via Inhabitat and Recylart

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Susan.. please enter me for the book giveaway…am a green goddess myself and am always looking for reading material to add to my green living…and green thinking way of life.

Also blessings to you and Jerry…glad he will be home for a spell!

Victoria in Houston

Another fabulous Wednesdays Woman Susan! I love that I am discovering new and talented bloggers here on your page each Wednesday! xxoo


Thanks for the links, just checked out Amy’s blog and website, whatta a gal. Also love the book desk, how cool is that.

Nancy Ravisé-Noel

Bonjour, gal pal! Wow, SIGN ME UP for this fabulous looking book giveaway! It is like looking for a needle in the proverbial haystack over here to find books in English! Anyway, thanks for letting us all know about this truly interesting looking book! My mouth is already watering. Hugs, Nance in France

that’s a neat looking book. please add me to the drawing.