Good Sunday Morning and Happy Birthday to Zach! October Photo Theme Announced!

Our oldest is turning 32 today.  32?  Whoa.  You know it’s been a weird journey into having adult children and the older they get the more you are friends and less parent and child.  I mean you want to be friends with your children.  I have heard so many times “you can’t be both” “you can’t be your child’s friend, you have to have more control than that”. Well I disagree.  Who do most children turn to for advice/guidance/companionship?  Their friends.  If you are their friend then you are among those that travel in that sacred inner circle. At times I have had to remind my older boys that I am their Mom and not JUST a friend so they can talk to someone else about their love life/girl trouble.  Because if you are a mom you know that all it takes to sour you on a person forEVER is finding out they have wronged one of your children.  So in those kinds of cases its best to leave things un-said.  All that to say HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY Zachary Paul Dahlem.


Zachary from my favorite John Denver song and Paul after Paul McCartney – in this incident the name turned out great – thank goodness.  When you let a child (I was 19 when Zach was born) name a child you never know how it will turn out!  Two years later I wanted to name Jessica “Peaches” – THANKfully Jerry had the good sense to say no to that.  Come on, what were her career choices going to be??? And then we matured enough to realize names are important and should be thought out carefully. Hence, all the good old Hebrew names for the rest of the family.  Good strong names.

Zach drove down with his little man, Sam last night and they will be here to eat steaks and cheesecake. Jerry and I bought Zach (and Sam) tickets to a Dallas Stars game that they will go to on the 23rd of this month.  Those guys do love hockey. Oh and by the way Sam’s team won their soccer match yesterday! GO Rhinos!

Now for the October Photo Theme:

Pumpkins.  I want to see pictures of pumpkins people!


Deadline to get the photos to me via email: October 30

Winner announced on October 31st

Prize: $20 Snapfish gift certificate

You may enter up to 3 photos. They must be yours and you must give me permission to use them when you submit them.

COME ON NOW!  Submit your favorite pumpkin photos! Oh, and you can’t be kin to me.  And nothing…um…risque.  This is a family friendly site.  If you wouldn’t show your mom, then don’t show me!

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Happy birthday Zach!

Victoria in Houston

Happy Birthday to your son!


Haha…had to laugh about your first paragraph. My 22 year old daughter is going through something with a boy she’s dated for a few years now so I know exactly what you mean! Happy birthday to your son…and your little grandson is just too cute! xo

A hearty A-Men! to paragraph one! My babies are 23 and 26 (this month) and there are still mean middle school girl offenses for which I could smack one or two for!

Happy Birthday to your son.

And soon as I can figure out a new way to edit pics I will send you a pumpkin or two. What program do you use? The free online Photoshop is making me madder every day.

Ben says try -its free and he likes it. I use photoshop CS5 – but it ain’t free :/