Magpie Monday

Oh why oh why didn’t I save that second post yesterday for today??? I am not feeling any words this morning.  Or maybe no worthy words.  Worthy of my time or yours!  I am still finishing my decorating this week and then will bombard you with photos!  Speaking of photos, you did see the announcement of the October Photo Contest subject right?  Pumpkins.  I do lurves me some pumpkins.  Here’s another of my previous years pumpkins.  I am still kicking myself for not planting this year.

pumpkins and Mo Kitty

Notice my sweet Mo kitty propped up against on taking him an Autumn afternoon nap.

About the calendar I posted yesterday evening.  Take it and use it as you wish.  The photo is mine so I give you permission 🙂  I had someone ask me if there would be a calendar every month.  And the answer is yes.  Starting this lovely month of October 2010.  I have been making them for myself but will share them from here on out.  Three sizes for you to choose from.

Also some asked if I was going to keep the upcoming interview all to myself.  Well, yeah I have to.  I don’t want to jinx it.  And while I might roll my eyes at you if you said such a thing, I am not taking any chances! I don’t have the questions back in my possession and until I do, I am keeping it all under wraps.  But as soon as I can, I will start dropping some hints…promise.

And I have found another new magazine.  The Mixing Bowl.  OH MY!  Lovely.  It is online community as well so check it out. This recipe for Cold Oven Pound Cake caught my eye this morning.

Well, I am going to bid you adieu this morning and finish bagging up my items I am taking to Goodwill tomorrow.  I am shipping some winter sweaters and cardigans to a dear dear friend whom I hope will be able to use some of them.  And the rest of my unneeded items are taking a little road trip to the closest Goodwill drop off sight.

Have a great Monday.  There is such a thing, surely.

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I am definitely going to check out that site. Happy Monday!

I am on the edge of my seat awaiting this big interview! You are such a tease!

So you did get your closet sorted I am guessing? Yay!!!