Monday Madness Redux!

Another Monday has arrived and I am thankful!  I won’t complain because if it weren’t for Monday, Tuesday might be unbearable!  I got up bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready to roll this morning.  Lots of things on the list for this week and I am anxious to get started since I lost most of last week.

Over the weekend I was forced to buy a new washer and happy to buy a matching dryer.

69051_1609549369470_1558315783_1483480_558174_nWe have had a Fisher Paykel washer for 10 years and I suppose we just worked her to death. I tried to figure how many loads I might have washed since I bought her.  Let’s see 10 years times at an average of least 3 loads a day is about 11,000 loads right?  So when I thought I paid too much for her at about $700, 10 years ago, she has washed 11,000 at approximately 6 cents a load not counting the soap and energy costs.  I wouldn’t do it for that, would you?  And I love the energy efficiency of the Fisher Paykel brand of appliances.  The only reason I didn’t get a FP dishwasher is because the Bosch was rated much MUCH quieter and that was important to us.  And I have been more than pleased with it. When I said bought I really meant ordered.  So hopefully they will be here soon!  Like very soon since my washer has stopped working completely.  The new one will get a workout when it arrives!  When I was talking to Jerry about all this over the phone, and BTW, can we not ever do this kind of thing when he’s home? ~ we were discussing the price, the quality and such and how long appliances are supposed to last.  And low and behold in my email this morning was this information:

What is the life expectancy of your home’s new technology?

* Dishwasher: 9 years
* Food Waste (“Garbage”) Disposer: 12 years
* Microwave Oven: 9 years
* Electric Range: 13 years
* Gas Range:15 years
* Range/Oven Hoods: 14 years
* Compact Refrigerator: 9 years
* Standard Refrigerator: 13 years
* Freezer: 11 years
* Washer: 10 years
* Electric Dryer: 11 years
* Gas Dryer: 10 years
* Furnaces: 15 to 20 years
* Tankless Water Heater: 20+ years
* Electric Water Heater: 11 years
* Gas Water Heater: 10 years

* Built-In Audio System: 20 years
* Security Systems: 5 to 10 years
* Heat/Smoke Detectors: 5 to 10 years
* Wireless Home Networks: 50+ years
* Home Automation Systems: 50+ years

I am here to tell you our hotwater heater is at least 25 years old!  So if we had to buy a new one today, we shouldn’t complain.  We will.  But we shouldn’t.  That’s about all I have time for at the moment.  I hope you all have a productive Monday, I plan to!

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Hope the new washer and dryer arrives sooner rather than later, I know how fast laundry can pile up. Thanks for sharing the appliance life expectancy list that is information that is good to know. Are you feeling better?

I do hope they don’t take too long to arrive! I have always found my appliances work fine until just after the warrantee expires!! xxoo


Wow..I’d rather sleep on the floor than not have my washer!! I’m with you Susan, that iis the one thing you can’t put a pricetag on!!

We had to buy a new water heater – just in time for my birthday – this year. Our house is 12 years old. That little chart makes me feel a bit better about it now.