Simply Saturday is back again!

I feel like I might actually be able to finish a little post this morning.  The last half of the week turned into a constant state of busyness.  I couldn’t tell you what all we did but we did a lot.  It turns out the way often during Jerry’s last week at home.  Running around trying to get all the ducks lined up, the kinks ironed out and loose ends tied up. AND little seeds in the ground.  When we work together we usually have a little system worked out – not usually something we talk about ahead it’s just how things fall into place and everything gets done. Earlier in the week Jerry reworked some of the raised beds building them up (deeper) and honestly I would have told you they were all the same width till I looked at these pictures but the first two are a bit wider.  Anywho, he rebuild, tilled and got them ready to plant and then the two of us got all the carrot and lettuce seeds  in them.  I decided to try a seed tape on some of them this year.  I like the little rows.  Easier to weed and thin.


Okay, so Jerry tilled, and raked, put on the cold frames,  measured and marked the rows, made the little furrows.  We placed the seed tape and put in the seeds and I went behind covering.  Wow, writing that out I sure didn’t help much!  Oh wait! See the clip board? I wrote what we planted where.  Okay, he made the diagram but I wrote in the names.


I came in and rested and he gathered all the pine straw from under the trees.  Then we went shopping.  Today will be mowing and then chilling tomorrow,  his last day at home.  We will head out to the airport pretty early Monday morning.  And you all know how I hate that day.   And now with new travel warnings in Europe, I really hate it.  I know he gets tired of hearing me say “be careful” when what I really mean is “be alert”.  He’s as careful as he can be with the little control he has over those 24 hours of traveling.  And I know he is mindful of his surroundings and has been doing this quite a while.  Okay…on to more cheerful things.
Cheerful will not begin to describe what you will find here in the morning, so do NOT miss it!  And there will be a few changes for the week as well.  I won’t be posting anything for a few days because I want everyone to come here and find THAT post! And I don’t want to stack anything on top of it and it be missed.  Let’s see can I leave a hint without giving it away.  Oh…and there will be a giveaway too!  Ummm….let’s see.  The guess is female.  She loves all the things I love: art, books, aprons, fabric, New England, Autumn, quilts, kitchenwork…Okay, that’s enough.

Happy Saturday!  See you all tomorrow! Squeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

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You are such a tease!

Sounds as if you and Jerry are having a very productive weekend. Good Journey to him on Monday.


The garden beds look great, you and Jerry accomplished a lot. Oh my the hints have me excited but I couldn’t even begin to guess. Will be back tomorrow.

It must be so hard to say goodbye to Jerry so soon after you were just saying hello! My ex used to be away alot. When it got to the point that I was happier when he was gone than I was when he was home, I knew there was something very wrong. Anyways, all water under the bridge! Your garden will be so nice. I can just picture it with everything growing in it. Todd neglected to write down what he planted in ours last spring, so everything was a huge surprise! Looking forward to tomorrow and your surprise! xxoo