Simply Saturday ‘s Solmate Sock ‘s Lucky Winner! September Photo Winner TOO!

Hey!Deb from Paper Turtle – uncross those fingers! You won!! Wootie Woot Woot! Why don’t you all check out her blog and tell her congrats! ?


AND the winner of September’s Photo Contest is none other than The Bib Professor – Niels from Norway.  Congratulations Niels! And here is his photo!

niels4WinnerThe theme was green…and this just spoke to me!  I love all the little green plants that look like purslane to me. Enjoy your $20 Snapfish Gift Certificate!

Tomorrow I will announce October’s Photo Contest Theme.  I hope EVERYONE will participate!  Come on you know you love photos!  And wouldn’t you love to have a Snapfish Gift Certificate of your very own???

Have a great weekend.  We off to see Little Man Sam play soccer and then I have a cake to bake for a friend’s friends birthday and packages to get ready to mail Monday…and next week is going to be INSANELY busy.  Do I say that more often than I should??? It feels like I do.  Things will slow down soon though.  Surely. Tomorrow is our oldest son’s birthday and he will he here for steaks and cheesecake.  There seems to be a lot of cooking in my near future!

And look peeps, you are going to have a hissy fit when you see the interview I will announce the 11th of October.  I am not even kidding you.  A fit, I tell you!  I am so excited, I can barely keep the secret!

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What?!?! I just logged into Google Reader and this was the first post I saw. :o)!!!! I’m so excited that I won those super cool socks! My daughter is going to be SOOOO jealous!

Thanks so much!!! xo

Hurray for Deb! A sweeter, nicer person could not have won! She is terrific. Definitely check out her blog!

Congratulations Deb and Niels from Norway!

Are you gonna leave us hanging without even a teeny hint of the interviewee?? Meanie!