Yes, it’s Foodie Friday!

And yes, I missed Thoughtful Thursday – I was some kinda busy yesterday and I didn’t have 30 minutes to write a post.   I am sure when you drop by Sunday you will forgive me.  And just so you know, I will not be posting anything on top of Sunday’s post for a few days.  I want everyone who happens by to enjoy it before I stack something on top of it!

This is Jerry’s last weekend home so it will be a crazy one.  We will be planting fall garden today among about 20 more things!

So let me quick get you a recipe and then I am off to the garden as soon as it is daylight.

I thought these looked amazing. I am going to try them! Pumpkin Pie in a Cupcake! Wowsers! With a cookie on top! Don’t they just scream Autumn???!!!


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Yes, yes they do! They look delicious! I must get some baking done today. Oy, I’ve been so busy these past few weeks that I have done nothing fun in the kitchen. I think a big pot of harvest stew and some of these yummers shall definitely be on the menu. Hope you have a super weekend, dear friend. 🙂

Oh my Susan! What an innovative idea! I’d have never thought of doing something like that! Very pretty too! I’m e-mailing you today! xxoo