Simply Saturday Sugar Cookies!

Xmas Cookies5

Hopefully a picture is worth a thousand couple hundred words.  I am out the door to the cake decorating store and to get winter shirts for Ben.  I will catch you on the flip side and give you my favorite sugar cookie recipes with maybe a tutorial??? How does that sound?  Cool. Later peeps.

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dang, these are almost too pretty to eat!

Better yet, come grade so I can bake. Or, come bake so I can grade! 🙂 ~Kelly

Susan those are gorgeous. I stand in awe of your skills! xxoo

You are an artist my lady…has anyone ever told you that?

Love and cookies
Victoria in Houston


Beautiful!! Picture perfect! Gorgeous!!! Tutorial, please!! If I could do half, no even a fourth of how pretty yours are, I would be a happy gal!

I am going to do a pictorial when I do our Thanksgiving cookies…so hang tight!