A Little Peek at My Christmas Kitchen

Yesterday I made chocolate fudge, date walnut fudge, buckeyes and faux buckeyes, Martha Washington candy, cut and wrapped soap, got packages ready to mail – no real housework accomplished.  Today I will catch up on laundry, get the kitchen back in working order, make 6-8 batches of sugar cookie dough, super duper dough, a few faux blossom cookies, cranberry pecan bark, try out one or two gluten free cookie recipes, get a couple of packages ready to mail tomorrow (Tami yours included 🙂 ) – and maybe a nap??? OH no…water and pick tomatoes and lettuce – can’t forget that! Supper??? Who knows. Maybe??? Salad?


Now a little peek at my Christmas kitchen.  I will snap a few more in the next couple of days and try to get you a few recipes too!




Oh and one more little thing…did you notice that I am now a Gooseberry Patch Early Bird Reviewer!?  WOOT!  Watch my blog for more the week after Christmas!

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I love all the Christmasy touches! What I need to know is how you keep it so neat and clean!


Hello! So nice to meet you. Your blog is so much fun. I also have white tile counter tops but, I can never keep the grout white, do you have any tips on how you keep yours looking so nice?

Thank you!

Michigan, U.S.

Oxi Clean and an old toothbrush. Thanks for stopping by!