Welcome December!

As you might have noticed I have slacked off on my posts.  I know you all understand how real life can get in the way of our pretend life on here.  But I do have some really cool things coming up.  Giveaways, book reviews…all sorts of things.  Just not every day.  I tried.  I really did.  But sometimes I am so uninspired.  My food issues have really put a damper on things too.  Apparently I am having some serious gluten issues which must be resolved.  But in the quest to find suitable recipes I have found a real treasure! Dish Towel Diaries is an amazing blog and if you have any need or know of anyone with need of delicious gluten free recipes, it is your place to go.  AND she is doing 31 days of gluten free cookies starting today!  So check it out. And her cookbook as well.

I did manage to get the desktop calendar made for December – enjoy!


Large Calendar

Small Calendar

Thought I would also give you a little sneak peek at our Christmas Tree.  A bit unorthodox (as are we) but turning out really pretty.



I hope you will check back with me soon and happy December 1st to everyone!

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Happy December to you as well. Sorry to hear your gluten issues are causing problems for you. It’s a busy time of year, daily blogging would be very difficult and I think your followers all understand that. The tree looks great!

Is that cheesecake on the wallpaper? I LOVE cheesecake. I’d eat it every day if I would make it enough.
Happy December!

Happy December to you too!

Sorry to hear you are having gluten issues, especially as much as you love baking so much and pies! I hope you can sort them out soon. Love your Christmas Tree. It’s beautiful! Happy December Susan!

Darn stinkin gluten! Hope you feel better soon.

Love your tree. Trying to clear the house so I can get to decorating today. we’re having a party Saturday night – yikes!

Hang in there.