Winter Garden

So it is officially Winter.  Happy Solstice to you all!  I wanted to stay up or get up and watch the eclipse but I just didn’t have it in me.  I took a muscle relaxer ~ my hands and forearms were cramping like crazy, not to mention my back ~ and rolled over the first time at 6:38 this morning.  I have had my yogurt and coffee and thought I would share some gardening pictures on this very warm, muggy first day of Winter 2010.







With temperature close to 75 today, I am going out to open the greenhouse and water everything really well.  Hopefully the cooler temperatures will return by the weekend and not dampen our lettuces’ perkiness!

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The veggies are awesome! And taste great, I’m sure. The cookies are amazing–as are you to get all of this done. Hopefully today won’t be as busy for you. Talk to you soon. Merry Christmas!!

If I didn’t actually read what you wrote, I would think you had a great garden this summer. Since I really did read it, I’m thinking….’a winter garden???’. In my world, those two words don’t belong together. But lucky you, you get to enjoy fresh produce all year long!
Feel free to send any extras my way… the form of both garden produce and cookies! 🙂